Wednesday, September 5, 2007

No Common Sense at Uncommon Sense

As I once remarked, common sense is better than uncommon sense. Proving my point yet again, Marc R. Másferrer has spiced-up his Uncommon Sense blog with a dash of elitism. In reconfiguring his links (what a fine phrase!), he has established a four-tier hierarchy of Cuba-themed blogs: News from Cuba [i.e. Bloggers from Cuba] (yes, by all means, let's isolate them from the rest of us); Cuba Blogs: The A List; and More Cuba Blogs (The "B List" by default); and Cuba Mami Blogs (by all means, turn the Cuban blogger fraternity into a "He-Man Woman Haters Club").

I will not quibble with Marc's choices (some of which are rather peculiar); he is free to link whomever he pleases, even pro-Castro blogs such as "Mambo" Watch (in the "A List"). I could also point out that the best of all Cuba-themed blogs, Alberto Quiroga's Havana, 50-60, is relegated to the "B List." I could critique his choices endlessly; but far be it for me to sow dissent. I will let self-avowed elitists like Marc do that.

Marc also linked RCAB for about two weeks at the inception of this blog before being instructed by Val Prieto to sever the connection. I am now grateful to Val for he inadvertently saved us from the indignity of being classed among the "B List" blogs or perhaps even worse.

As for Marc, he must belong on the "A List," too, or maybe the "AA List," since someone who would presume to create such categories must think very well of his own blog. Which, of course, he is entitled to.

Here's are Marc's choices, sprinkle liberally with pinches of salt:

Cuba blogs: The A list

26th Parallel
Alberto de la Cruz
Blog for Cuba
Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty
Castro Death Watch
Child of the Revolution
Cuba Watch
Cuban Triangle, The
Cuban-American Pundits
El Cafe Cubano
Havana Note, The
La Contra Revolución
Mambi Watch
Mirando a Cuba
Penúltimos Días
Real Cuba, The

More Cuba blogs [The "B List"]

Abajo Fidel
Baracutey Cubano
Coalition of Cuban-American Women
Cuban Colada
El Confeti
El Güinero
El Mizzoubanazo
El Tono de la Voz
Glimpse of Cuba, A
Havana 50-60
La Ventanita
Lissandra's Thoughts
Marielito's blog
Medicina Cubana
Mirando a Cuba
Nuestra Cuba Libre
Paxety Pages
Religión en Revolución
Tomas Estrada-Palma
Working Towards A Free Cuba

H/t to Val for bringing the changes on Marc's blog to everybody's attention (though not this particular change).

Linked Today, Unlinked Tomorrow
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Fantomas said...

Gracias por traerme a mi atencion este cambio. Lamentablemente he tenido que remover el blog de Marc de mi A list ( major league) ..

Considerare ponerlo de nuevo cuando abra mi otra lista de Triple A blogs...

Thanks professor

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


At least you are at the head of "The B List" (alphabetically), and if someone wanted to sample one of Marc's second-rate blogs, it would probably have been Abajo Fidel.

Vana said...

LOL he has Mambo in the A list, unbelevable! at least he also put Killcastro there, I will have to go over there and check it out, I would add though that fantos blog is in the right

Fantomas said...

Professor I am glad I am the first one of the second tier...

pero es una broma , en verdad me importa un pito si mi blog es second or 3 tier or 4th tier

lo mio es denunciar al regimen , si te das cuenta yo no escribo mucho alli...

lo mio es la calle es lo que cuenta no intelectualismo de pacotilla y comemierderias absurdas

si muchos cuban american blogeros supieran que absolutamente nadie( maybe 4 gatos nerds ) lee sus posts se ahorrarian el tiempo y la energia

Vana said...

Went to Babalunia, they have a poll there about Elenita, since Val claims "he does not want to fall into the Elian argument once more" in other words, he does not give a shit, 67% voted NO they don't want her sent back, at least his readers care, even if he does not

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

"Gracias por traerme a mi atencion este cambio. Lamentablemente he tenido que remover el blog de Marc de mi A list (major league) ...

Considerare ponerlo de nuevo cuando abra mi otra lista de Triple A blogs ...

Thanks professor"

I heard Val took you to the woodshed where he belted you and frayed you. Hopefully, you will now accept your second-class status and never break ranks again with Val & Company even if they offend you or your blog. You must learn to be a good satellite.

Albert Quiroga said...

Manuel: I truly appreciate and am humbled by the kind praise bestowed upon what I tend to call "my little blog." My purpose in creating and maintaining the blog has always been twofold:

1)Preserve the history of my loved ones - not just family; friends too, acquaintances, times and places as well - consider the blog a paean to a lost homeland, a lost city, a lost society that did not deserve the cruel fate which took it.

2)Show to anyone interested a tiny glimpse of the Havana and the Cuba that was, so they - that is, those who open their ears and their eyes - can see through the lies of the castro cabal when that robber-baron and his accomplices parrot their line about the "underdeveloped pseudorepublic." Especially, I want my compadres cubanos in the Island to see - and some no doubt are able to access Havana5060 - what castro stole from them; because ultimately through his destruction of the society, family and friendship bonds, the architecture, the mechanisms of civilized government, ad infinitum, he stole the patrimony of all Cubans, from all generations.

Poll numbers and rankings mean little to me - I am glad if someone wishes to link Havana5060 to their blog or web site, but by the same token, my feelings are never hurt if they choose to do otherwise. There are more important fish to fry than worrying about links, rankings, and such. My sights are set squarely on the bearded target, and, God forgive, wish it would literally be so.

For my take on the subject, refer to my post of Tuesday, November 22, 2005:

"On blogging, comments, links, and all that-some straight shootin'!"

A lot of these goings on these days, remind me of a saying coming from the Cuban father of a good friend: "A los cubanos se les puede reunir, no unir."

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