Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mamey Banned From Babalú After Refusing Teabagging Request from Henry

Hey, little kids, how about doing something meaningful to help our brothers and sisters in Cuba instead of all this silly speculation. How do they say it in Cuban? Stop eating shit. Nothing personal, just a right on Cuban expression.
Posted by: mamey at September 21, 2007 11:31 PM

Hey mamey,
How about you suck on my balls for a little while.
Posted by: Henry "Conductor" Gomez at September 21, 2007 11:34 PM

Several months ago we exposed mamey as fantomas. Now fantomas (as mamey) has been banned from Babalú. His comment in this instance is no joke, however. Babalú needs to acknowledge and regret its central part in assisting the Castro regime to spread false rumors of Fidel's death intended to discredit the Cuban-American community.


Fantomas said...

manolo de que hablas ... no se quien es maney y jamas e usado ese nombre, en adicion yo no he leido aqui ninguna acusacion de que yo firmo bajo mamey ni nada por el estilo

lo que si te puedo decir es que si tengo un mamey en mano puedes estar seguro que te lo voy a introducir por el mismo centro de tu ano que bien abierto debe estar ya.

me imagino que el mamey va a entrar sin ninguna dificultad. si borras este mensaje te lo publicare en mi blog

mamey said...

Mr. Tellechea: I don't agree with some of your statements but I do agree with your overall philosophy: freedom. Those silly kids over at Babaloserland don't understand it. Besides, you are funnier than any of them. I just wrote them that what interests me the most is Cuba's full sovereingty and independence, not rumors about the tyrant. They have censored me. Go figure. It probably has something to do with the fact that not so long ago I called someone there Pontius Pilate--remember? There are a lot of comments in Babaluland by pajeros (not the sexually fun types) and they are plainly limited intellectually. What can I say? F Keep up the good work. Maybe they banned me because I slipped in your last name in my latest post. C'est la vie.

Vana said...

WOW Manuel, I'm like so totally confused, Mamey sure doesn't write like fanto, what's going on?

Fantomas said...

Vana dont be confused at all. be mad

Manuel is a pathetic liar..

He knows well I am not mamaey

nobody writes like fanto

no fuckingbody

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You are quite right, Vana. Not even on his best day could fantomas write something even remotely comparable to mamey's thoughtful comments here.

Yet I still hold fast to my original identification.

How to reconcile these apparently contradictory positions?

I don't have the slightest idea, or, rather, I have a thousand ideas, none of which appears to gain preponderance over the others.

For now I am happy to welcome mamey to our band of brothers and sisters united in pursuit of the truth. He will be a valuable addition and I thank Babalú for sending him to us. All who have been wronged by Val & Company — and they are legion — should regard RCAB as their home. I raise my torch beside Babalú's gated door!

I am especially looking forward to the exchanges between mamey and fantomas.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Welcome to RCAB, where censorship and banning are archaic expressions not operational schema as at Babalú. Feel free to castigate their hypocrisy here. All the Babalunians are faithful readers of this blog; most don't even bother to log off. Sadly, they have not profitted much from RCAB's lessons, though the lessons will keep coming nonetheless.

At RCAB, no one has to agree with me, though most generally do. And, of course, Cuba's freedom and independence are not negotiable here.

In case you haven't notice, Babalú is an annexationist blog, as are most of its satellites. Their goal is to barter our country's sovereignty and destroy our national identity by aligning Cuba permanently to the U.S., which is responsible for all our past and present woes; and will surely be the cause of all our future woes as well. What Martí and Maceo indignantly condemned, the Babalunians embrace as a means to unite their divided loyalties and divided identities.

You are right when you say that my name is the kiss of death at Babalú. You have but to mention it and they will all pounce on you like ravenous vampires.

Be glad to have freed yourself from such unwholesome associations.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


It is true that nobody writes like fantomas. It is also true that nobody would want to write like fantomas.

But you have been known to hijack other people's monikers in the past.

It is obvious to me, though, that the mamey who has graced this thread is not you.

mamey said...

My moniker may have been hijacked in the past, but I assure you I am Mamey and no one else. I really don't care about being banned from Babaluland, or at least by that nasty little boy Henry (his wife ought to check out his closet, no?). But what is truly annoying is that after all our beautiful island has gone through there are still those who claim to be working for Cuba's freedom but have no idea what Jose Marti stood for, which certainly was not becoming an appendage of the USA.

mamey said...

Perhaps what prompted Henry to ban me was the mental image I sent him via telepathy: Babalosers as a bunch of hens mesmerized and all riled up upon seeing a dead or dying old rooster. It's exactly what the old rooster loves.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


At 81 years of age, decrepit and in his dotage, Castro's death is such a foregone conclusion that only the Babalunians would turn it into a guessing game. There is nothing to guess. He will die at any time, but not at Val's command.

The late astrologer Jean Dixon predicted Fidel's death every year for 30 years. Castro was still relatively young then, but Dixon was always absolute in her conviction that every year would be his last. I liked her for that. It showed her heart was in the right place even if she knew no more about the stars than the pope who condemned Galileo.

I feel no such inclination to excuse Val's amateurish astrology. His ulterior motives are just too apparent and mercenary. What does it matter if he is the first to announce Castro's death? Does Val actually think that he will get the credit for it if he scoops everybody else? Or is it a power trip for him? Is his vanity assuaged by the fact that he can summon 100,000 additional visitors to Babalú within a 24-hour span with his cry of "The King is Dead!"

As for myself, I can predict only one thing: Val shall kill Castro a few more times before the monster is cold in his grave.

Vana said...


Val does not care if the monster is dead or alive, he will keep reporting it because all he's interested in is the hits, and comments, so he can show everyone he's the best blogger, blog father, what a laugh, and his credulous minions will follow him off a cliff.

What gets me is no one rebuffs him, none call him to task for all the falsehoods he reports, all he cares about is himself.

Vana said...


Welcome to RCAB, I'm glad you too have discovered how unjust the Babalunians are, I'm sorry they treated you with disdain