Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Babalú: The Blog of Repetitions

We've already noted today that Babalú is repeating for the 100th time its hypothetical about ending the embargo unilaterally, right now, right here. (That's the Babalunian equivalent of playing with fire).

We thought that one repetition per day would be quite enough for Babalú. Wrong.

Val Prieto just posted Cleon Skousen's "45 Goals of Communism" for the second time this year, crediting seejanemom via Fausta. Val seems to forget that he himself posted Skousen's "Goals" from the Congressional Record (1963) on March 21, 2007. This was just one week before I was booted from Babalú for criticizing the Estefans. At that time I added the following other goals which international Communism realized since Skousen defined its goals 44 years ago:

46. Give aid and comfort to Marxist revolutionaries and betray your allies fighting against them.
47. Fight wars by proxy against Communism and betray the freedom fighters.
48. Become the guarantor of Communism in small client-states of the Soviet Union.
49. Allow those small Soviet client-states to revolutionize at will your client-states.
50. Determine the justice of granting asylum to refugees from Communism by whether their foot is dry or wet.
Posted by: Manuel A. Tellechea @ Babalu on March 21, 2007 08:18 AM


Either Babalú is running out of steam with all these repetitions, or Val's brain has finally evaporated.


Vana said...

LOL Manuel, evaporation has set in, or maybe nothing else to blog about

Alex said...

Likewise,manuel if Val is evaporating. I guess, your blog will evaporate as well,is time for the shit talker to take a nap!You will run out of stupid shit to do.manuel....No Val,NO Review of Cuban-American Blog...Your World Revolves Around Babalu. 100%

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


If Val evaporated, there would still be Henry; and if Henry evaporated, there would still be Oscar; and if Oscar evaporated (maybe he has?), there would still be all the minor players, Marc, George, Rick and Alex; and Babalú's satellites, which I have hardly tapped. And you and fantomas, of course, though I would really be scrapping the barrel there.

In any case, even if you all disappeared — to my profound regret, by the way — there is one enemy that has discovered the secret to eternal "life." Him I shall be attacking till my own last day.