Saturday, September 22, 2007

"We Love You, Val, Even If You Are Completely Unreliable"

The biggest Babalunians have been defending and comforting Val Prieto in his hour of trial, assuring him time and time again that they would rather be wrong with him than right without him.

And what do we call this?

A personality cult.

Some personality.

Some cult.


Fantomas said...

Manuel de que hablas tu tienes dos o tres que tambien toma Kool Aid

No te quejes ahora Mr Jones


Vana said...

All to the plaza with with sometimes I wonder about the Cuban mentality, I should say some Cubans, yes Manuel I'm afraid it is a cult to personality, some cult is right

Fantomas said...

Vana no sabes tu que a nsosotros los cubanos nos encantan los caudillos

ahora es que te vienes a dar cuenta?

poor you

Respetame para que te yo te respete...Sin malas palabras, dear Vana

comport yourself like a lady

Alex said...

you mean Manuel fantomas...