Thursday, September 13, 2007

Henry Gómez Liberates Red China

Someday statues of Henry Gómez will be as common in China as statues of Gerald Ford are in Poland; for Henry Gómez "liberated" China on the Babalú [Faux] Radio Hour last night as surely as Ford "liberated" Poland during the 1980 Ford-Carter presidential debates. China, in case you didn't tune in, is no longer a Communist state. Henry says so, and I am sure we can't ask for a higher authority. But just in case, George Moneo agrees, since he raised no objection to Henry's assertion. If Raúl Castro ever implements the Chinese economic model, Henry will no doubt proclaim Cuba's "liberation" too. And George will agree.

No matter that so-called economic liberalization in Red China (yes, I still call it that since it is that) has led to neither prosperity nor freedom for the Chinese people. The biggest untold story of the 21st century is the Great Famine that has been afflicting the Chinese countryside for the last decade, greater in scope and severity than any other in Chinese history, which is saying a lot.

And on August 9, three days before Henry proclaimed China's "liberation" from Communism, the U.S.-based Cardinal Kung Foundation revealed that Bishop Han Dingxiang had died while in police custody. The Rev. Dingxiang, 71, a bishop in China's underground Catholic Church, recognized by Rome but not Beijing, had been arrested 11 times and spent 35 years in prison, labor camps and under house arrest before his latest incarceration 8 years ago. With remarkable precision, Chinese authorities summoned his family to his bedside one hour before his death. They had not seen him since 1999. State authorities did not allow an autopsy and his remains were cremated (contrary to Catholic practice) and buried within hours.

One more Chinese added to the 120-million casualties of Communism in China, and another saint and martyr to the rolls of the Catholic Church.

Has anything changed in China since the Communist takeover? No. You could have been reading this same story in 1949 or any year in the last 58 of Communist rule in China. Nothing has changed but the size of the blindspot of dupes like Henry Gómez.


Vana said...


Some of the stuff that comes out of Henrys mouth, makes one wonder what world he lives in, and what in God's name is inside his head, I doubt they are brains.

I read not too long ago that China will from now on choose the reincarnations of the Dalai Lamas, isn't that a laugh, after disrupting the lives of the peaceful Tibetians, and killing an untold number of them, they can't even choose things based on their religion, it has to be left to the powers that be, the not so communist regime of China, according to Henry, he's funny man that Henry

Agustin Farinas said...

As I said in a previous comment, I am wondering what in the world is in the water cooler where these guys are drinking from. So now Red China is not Communist anymore? Well, that is news to me. Obviously I live in a different planet than Henry and George. Lst time I checked, China has ony one ruling party and is the Communist party, has no free press, no personal freedoms of any kind, and its human rights record is deplorable and abysmal. But maybe I miss something and things have changed in the last 24 hours since I checked. What a laugh. And these guys want to be taken seriously?

Albert Quiroga said...

If the "Chinese model" is going to be chosen as the "model" for a future Cuba...God help the Cuban people!

Let see...Uncle sold scrap metal to the Japanese (who at the time, by the way, were tearing up China pretty well) which they handily used to improve their weaponry and thanked Uncle by returning a goodly amount of aforesaid scrap as shrapnel, to the US Navy at Pearl Harbor. But, gosh, it was good business while it lasted!

Now, Uncle helps China's economy and by default its military apparatus by pretty much one-sided "trade" with Beijing, in return being flooded with much that is cheap, shoddy, and outright poisonous (get the LEAD out, anyone?) - but gosh, it is good business and will enhance the "democratic Chinese model."

Come to think of it...God help not just the Cuban people - God help US too.