Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Babaloo's Waterloos: A Poll Mocking the Suffering of an Abused Child

I can always tell how stupid he is capable of being, but never how degenerate. There Val Prieto will never cease to surpass my expectations, and, I suspect, those of his closest associates. It is this capacity to surprise, shock and offend which is his chief attraction at Babalú. When and how Val will next degrade his fellow Cuban-Americans and himself gives a certain tension to his blog. It's like the play that starts with a character planting a bomb under the sofa before the other characters enter. No matter how horrible the play, theatergoers will stay glued to their seats until the bomb goes off. So is it with Babalú.

Now we know that nothing is beneath Val; for he has chosen as the target of his black humor none other than the abused 4-year old girl whose birth father wants to compound her already considerable suffering by returning her to Cuba as another human exhibit for Fidel's trophy case.

Val has made the girl's fate the subject of a poll; but no ordinary poll, but one infused with all the sophomoric ridicule of which he is capable, and he can plump those depths farther than most, well, sophomores.

Val starts by confessing that the little girl's fate doesn't matter to him. He calls this "honesty." I suppose it is. Or, at least as honest as the opinion of candid Germans about the fate of the Jews. No skin off their backs, so to speak.

Val writes that he has avoided discussing the case because he "ha[sn't] wanted to fall into the whole Elián argument once again." This is rather odd since he confessed 2 weeks ago on the Babalú [Faux] Radio Hour that he had never written a single word on behalf of Elián. How can he "fall into the whole Elián argument once again" if he never "fell" for it the first time? I don't know if Val actually argued for Elián's return to Cuba, as his friend and partner Henry Gómez did at the time. But isn't silence in the face of injustice also acquiescense? At least Martí thought so. But what does Val know about Martí? Or, more to the point, what does he know about Cuba period? What he learned in books? Well, that would be the day ...

Val has encapsulated his disdain for Elenita's plight, and, indeed, for that of all newcomers from Cuba — who should have stayed on the island and added their body temperatures to Val's proverbial pressure cooker — in a blog poll which should offend all Cubans who are not as denatured as he is.

Phrased in the worst terms of minstrelry, half-Ricky Ricardo and half Steppin Fetchit, Val asks: "Should the girl be returned to Cuba?" and provides the following possible answers:

º No. The father ees no telling de truth.
º Yes. De girl beelongs wid de father.
º Ches. And send Magda and Ira back wid her.
º If the father wants her, send her back. Alla el.

Four possible answers to this poll, and three involve sending the little girl back to Cuba. Why isn't this surprising?

I am curious to know what Ziva and George Moneo will have to say about this poll. Both are on record as opposing the return of the little girl to Cuba and both also opposed the return of Elián. George got into a somewhat heated argument on the Babalú [Faux] Radio Hour with both Val and Henry over their blasé attitude towards the fate of both children. As Val says, "There are much more pressing issues for us to focus on." Such as, when is Val going to launch his next "Fidel is Dead" hoax?

Val's poll seems to have backfired on him. His readers don't find his joke funny. More than two-thirds (67%) have voted against sending the little girl back to Cuba. On this issue, at least, the Babalunians are resoundingly anti-Val.

Babalú has taken down the insulting poll.

Babalú has restored the offensive poll. To see the results of the poll (posted; suppressed and restored):


Fantomas said...


por favor esto es un caso familiar y solo la familia debe involucrarse.

Lets not make this a political game since this is what Castro wants. More division among us Cuban exiles.

por lo tanto que se resuelvan como puedan los familiares y que la niña este con quien deba estar . en mi opinion los padres biologicos de la niña tienen la mayor opcion.

Take the politics out of this controversy Manolo... You will feel much better at night con tu almohada, ademas no se meta usted en problemas ajenos.. Let them have it

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


No man is an island. Certainly no 4-year old is an island.

It is your attitude that made the Holocaust possible.

Before Hitler put the Jews in the ovens, he "euthanized" all German children whom he considered "defective."

No one protested, either. Not even the children's parents.

Here, thankfully, we don't have to be silent before the power of an omnipotent state.

We can protest injustice. And should. Especially when committed against children and even when the abusers are their own parents.

Vana said...

I left a comment on the earlier post about this, isn't it disgusting? even the way he mocked English on the poll, like using hees for he's, at least his readers seem to care, since 67% voted fon not sending her back, I'm surprised no one has called him out on it.

Fantomas said...

Manolo there are millions of children around the world descalsos, en basureros recogiendo comida , others work as slaves , niñitos de hasta 5 años de edad....

there is nothing you or Me can do about it... You wont accomplish anything writting and complaining about it...

What we need are honest politicians, unfortunalely there are not too many of those around the world anymore

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


We cannot save every child in the world, alas.

But we should try to save those who have the greatest claim to our sympathy and support, as surely any child does who is being pursued by the Castro regime.

If you can't see this, I will begin to entertain the same opinion of you as I do of Val Prieto.

Cari said...


By your "logic" if one has prior knowledge that a murder is going to be committed - One shouldn't say anything to try and prevent it because there are many people being murdered each and every day.

Sounds rather warped to me.

Fantomas said...

All I am saying is that this is a personal matter. let the relatives handle it... the child should always be with the biological parent as # 1 option
I dont think Elian gonzalez has been murdered...Everytime I see him he is always next to fidel smiling

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I suppose you are being ironic. There are many ways to murder the soul without putting one finger on the body.

In any case, Babalú has taken down the offensive poll.

Fantomas said...

In any case, Babalú has taken down the offensive poll.

Which poll?

Vana said...

What poll? fanto you are an idiot

Vana said...


Bet he took it down because you mentioned it here, that man has no balls

Cari said...


With all of the respect which I can muster and I don't really want to pick on you...but your logic is flawed again!

Sir, I must infer from what you told Vana that you are suggesting that those who use offensive remarks do so because they have not had that logic you Sir must have gone without for several months.

Agustin Farinas said...

have you tried rinsing your mouth with soap? Your language is disgusting, specially since you were addressing a Cuban lady. And you are the same guy who told me that I did not know how bad and filthy the language was in Cuba these days a few months ago? Judging by your example, you are absolutely right, but you are included in the same group you were criticizing. Try to learn some manners and stop using filhty insulting language to other commenters in this blog. Manuel does not believe in censoring comments, but by God, your make an excellent argument for that option with your utterances and your language. Just for once, try to learn some manners and act like a gentleman (I understand that is hard for you) and not a some member of the rabble with your gutter language.

Fantomas said...

Vana dijo...
What poll? fanto you are an idiot

9/05/2007 7:02 PM

Agustin tu eres un idiota o te haces... Above is the remark that Vana made towards me... I have come here very profesionally and with comport ... por eso es que tengo que hablarles malo para que ustedes aprendan su propia leccion

if you treat Fantomas with respect and dignity he will not attack ...

if you do the opposite then preparense a recibir castigos

Give it a try just once... y todos comentaremos with dignity and respect

apunta manolo

Vana said...

He thinks he bothers me, trust me he does not, it just shows what a true bafoon he is, Manuel gave him a good title, The Village Idiot, it fits him perfectly

Fantomas said...

thank Manolo for erasing my last comment directed to you Mrs Vana

that is a hell of a blog administrator

taking care of Fanto insults towards the queen Vana

I will check if Manny does the same when Fanto is attacked here in upcoming posts...

Vana said...

Don't pay attention to anything fanto says, he's derranged, he's barely out of The Madhouse, I called him an idiot, because he

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You know that nothing is ever erased at RCAB. Your ungentlemanly remarks have been removed and archived at The Madhouse. In fact, if you should ever leave us for good, The Madhouse will be renamed "The Fantomas Memorial Library and Archives."

Fantomas said...

I called him an idiot because he

Vana parece que tu esposo no te toco anoche sigues como una perra salvaje hablando pestes