Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Real Parents — Joe and María Cubas

She has the precociousness of children who have known great suffering all their lives. And the anger. And the pain. This, in a nutshell, was the opinion of Elenita's psychologist, who testified this week after the girl's birth father. You could call this testimony the summation of all the abuse visited on her by her parents from the day she was born: an angry child who bites her classmates and pulls their hair (the same abuse practiced on her by her mother) and who has panic attacks every time she is forced by the Court to visit her birth father; for she lives in dread fear of being returned to his custody or her birth mother's.

This is what the two monsters from Cabaiguán have done to the child of Joe and María Cubas, the people that Elenita and her brother call "father" and "mother."

Not enough has been said — in fact, nothing has been said — of their love and sacrifice for these children, great in itself but even greater when contrasted to the birth parents' endless inhumanity.

Elenita presents all the problems, all the issues and all the challenges that a child raised in her circumstances cannot avoid. Wealthy people like the Cubases don't need to encumber themselves with such problems. Adoption, which offers few possibilities to prospective parents of average means, offers infinite choices to them. They did not have to adopt children with special needs, what the heartless call "damaged children" but should more accurately be called the victims of damaged parents. They did not need to spend a million dollars in lawyers and psychologists in the slim hope that their foster daughter will not be forced to resume her life of abuse with her birth parents in Cuba. But, thank God, that they could and did!

Raising children, whether one's own or somebody else's, entails a lifetime of commitment and responsibility; but in Joe and María, the disposition to accept this responsibility, which God thrust on them, unasked and unexpected, bespeaks rare compassion and uncommon goodness.

[Do not neglect reading the 2 part of the previous article, which has just been posted].


Charlie Bravo said...

Manuel, the core of the case is not -as you and I know- a custodial dispute or a legitimate adoption procedure from which the only beneficiaries are the children involved. It is the deathbed with of fidel castro against a man who has liberated a few of his most prized slaves.
It surprises me that Cubas' lawyers have not presented a rejection against the judge, for her biased and racists assertions of years past. It also surprises me that they are not more agressive in their cross-examination of Izquierdo, and that they haven't thrown a resource to void the legal authority of the fraudulent duo Montiel-Kurzban.
The legal system a nation of laws is being used to prop a lawless barbaric system, and to offer children in sacrifice to a monster.....

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The Cubases and their lawyers know that they are not going to win in Judge Jeri B. Cohen's courtroom. An excellent foundation for an appeal has been laid on one-hundred grounds there, and they will prevail in appellate court.

Next week, anyway, the Cubases and DCF present their case.

Charlie Bravo said...

That's to be followed, Manuel, and I think that it would be the most interesting part of the trial, which is a mere circus to this moment.
Instead of throwing Christians and Jews to the lions, they are throwing a defenseless child on the arena, with the Cuban government hyennas.

Vana said...

Panic attacks when visiting her birth father, should be enough indication in any court that this child should not be put in her father's care, but not in Cohen's court, she is so biased against Cubans, that just for sheer spite she would give the child back, let us hope that when the Cubas go on the defense something comes to light to end this charade, this circus has gone on for far too long.

Cari said...


Did you know that the lawyers for both DCF and the Cubas's were not granted a visa to enter Cuba? The Cuban government would not grant them entry. The father's lawyers were, of course, granted permission. So this case is not even fair on that score. I've heard speculation that the father is no farmer,instead it's been stated that he works for "Seguridad del Estado" (that wouldn't surprise me either.)

He's also living in an apartment on Brickell Ave. in a building called Atlantis which is very expensive. The condo is supposedly owned by Elena Freyre who owns an art gallery and is an apologist for castro.

Cari said...

oh, and the little girl's name is Elizabeth.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You have given us very useful information. I will see what I can find on Ms. Freire; surely she most have a very interesting history.

Since Cubas' attorneys have been denied access to Cuba, I should advice them to seek out newcomers from Cabaiguán in Miami. They should be able to provide him with recent and uncompromised information about these two very disreputable families, the Izquierdos and the Pérezes.

As for the child's real name, it is the same as Elián's mother, Elizabeth Brutons, who made the supreme sacrifice (in vain) so that her son could be free. What a contrast between the two mothers! They did have one thing in common: Rafael Izquierdo and Juan Miguel González both beat their wives/girlfriends.

Cari said...


I'm almost sure that it's Elena FreYre.

Here's a link that might be useful...isn't it funny how no one is talking about this?


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