Saturday, September 8, 2007

Henry Gómez Feels Compassionate Today

But not for the abused 4-year-old Elenita.

Henry Gómez is feeling sorry for Oscar Corral today.


They are both Belén alumni, and might have actually met at the school if Henry had been left back another year.

Now, in Corral's disgrace, the old school ties bind them again. The past is forgotten. The frustrated journalist and the imploded journalist have more in common than not.

So, today, the first anniversary of the Martí Moonlighters story, the editor of Herald Watch says nary a word about it. Henry's last post there, on August 25, was a gripe about the Belén football team not receiving fair coverage from The Miami Herald.

I am sure that if Oscar were demoted to high school sports features writer he would do right by their alma mater unless Castro harbors a vendetta against the reincarnation of Belén.

Frankly, after producing Castro, I don't know why the school was resurrected in exile.

Oscar and Henry hardly justify such misplaced nostalgia.

By their fruits ye shall know them.


It's satisfying to see that I can still make Henry do whatever I want. He did put up a post at Herald Watch commemorating the anniversary of the original Martí Moonlighters article and a trailer at Babalú announcing it. But the wily Henry changed the time of his post and trailer to make it appear as if he had written and published it before my rebuke and not as a response to it. Henry obviously doesn't know that I follow his tracks closely. Such a ruse, of course, is highly characteristic of him and Babalú in general.


Vana said...

You are always so right Manuel, after giving us Fidel, why did they resurrect the school in exile, now I see, Corral and Henry have the same mind set as Fidel, having had the same education.

Feeling sorry for Corral, please give me a break, and yes Henry should know by now that you follow his steps closely, he changed the time, what a chicken!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Yes, Vana, even Dr. Frankenstein didn't make a second monster.

Vana said...

LOl.. Manuel, Frankestein knew better, he didn't go to Belen

beatific7 said...

This is maybe the most ridiculous blog i ve ever seen.You know Belen is a great school with a grand history.You can have your phony repulicans who lick the boots of the self appointed exile leadership.I dont want a slimeball like you supporting the virtous Ron Paul.Bosch and the other scumbag are murderers and nutjobs who never accomplished nothing but a record of death.God forbid the embargo should be lifted and Castro might leave or be overthrown the local powermongers will lose their best ally.