Sunday, September 23, 2007

What Creature Do I Despise the Most in the World?

What creature do I despise the most in the world?

I don't even have to think about it.

Certainly not Val & Company whose ignorance of Cuban history and suppositions based upon that ignorance inspires pity in me, though not enough to excuse or ignore their foibles committed at the expense of our country.

Not even Castro's acolytes in Cuba, whom I do hate but not as much as I hate his acolytes here.

Who are Castro's acolytes here?

Not the idiotic kid who wears a "Che" T-shirt or the bigger idiot who thinks that he is defending Cuba by defending Fidel.


The Castro acolytes that I despise most are the scions of aristocratic Cuban families who supported the Revolution because they enjoyed the thrill of placing bombs in public places, in theaters, night clubs and schools, with absolute immunity from prosecution because daddy had the connections to make sure that the law didn't touch them in Batista's Cuba.

Many of these revolutionary aristocrats maintained their privileges in Castro's Cuba, but it was not enough for them. The decaying world around them depressed them, though it was the world they themselves had created. In the end, they left Cuba and rejoined their bank accounts abroad.

In the U.S. many of them shed their revolutionary garb and became outspoken enemies of the regime and pillars of the Cuban-American community. Others did not. These last were decidedly in the minority. While enjoying all the benefits of capitalism here, they continued to applaud all the predations of Communism in Cuba. And they bequeathed to their children, born or raised in this country, their bogus revolutionary ideals.

I feel no more sympathy for the progeny than I do for their denatured parents. They were not raised in a vacuum in the U.S. All around them was the negation of their parents' lies, but they chose to believe the lies and perpetuate their treason.

It is such a creature who placed her ritzy $2 million condo, in a building called "The Atlantis," on Bricknell Avenue, at the disposition of Rafael Izquierdo and his family (or, more correctly, Cuban State Security) during their extended stay in the U.S. for the expressed purpose of returning a free Cuban child to the very slave society that the red doyenne and her parents had fled and fled early.

The creature's name is Elena Freyre. She owns an art gallery in Miami.

More about her later.

h/t Cari


bbl said...

my stomach is turning just from what you wrote. Can't wait to see the rest.

Vana said...


Scum indeed, I too despise those type of Cubans, will wait for the rest, am sure it will be juicy

Fantomas said...

Manuel the mayority of cuban bloggers despise you..

No te has dado cuenta de eso

Estas solo

It is time to close RCBA.. cada dia menos posts y siempre los 3 kool aid kids comenting .Me dijo alex que tu eres la misma persona

Pitty on you

Steve ("Klotz" As In "Blood") said...

fantomas: what's RCBA?

perhaps we should address you as "samotnaf."

Cari said...


Why do you care so much that this blog is open or closed?

If you don't like it don't read it.

The other "Cuban bloggers" sound like a bunch of cry babies who have a fit when someone who knows better corrects them. That's why they hate Manuel...because he doesn't follow their lead.

Actually, if they were smart, they would try to learn something from Manuel and then debate him on an intelligent level. Instead we get juvenile name calling and adolescent boy humor.

Manuel brings up cogent and important points that many of you other ding dongs don't even know exist.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Manuel the mayority [sic] of cuban bloggers despise you... fantomas

I am not quite alone. But even if I were, I would still be in good company.

And, of course, on the side of the angels.

Fantomas said...

Manuel you are a poor soul

Ve a la iglesia

Agustin Farinas said...

I think you need psychological help. Have you thought of consulting with a physician who takes care of these things, to see what is it that ails your mind? If you don't stop worrying about the RCAB your are going to go completly crazy, (that is, if you are not already there)
At least Manuel does not go around with a comdom on his head, and calls himself a ghostly character instead of his real name. Have you thought deeply, I mean really deep, why does your picture shows you wearing a comdom on top of your head. There might be some hiding meaning to that strange custom of yours. And only professional help may help you to find the answer as to why you do that, and maybe put an end to it. Really, chico, seek some professional help. It may do wonders for you. Just a friendly advice, of course, and I only looking out for your mental health which seems to have deteriorated and gone downhill lately.