Thursday, September 27, 2007

Judge Jeri B. Cohen's Decision: We Should All Want "Marginal" Fathers

We have very little to say about Circuit Judge Jeri B. Cohen's decision on Rafael Izquierdo's fitness as a father. She has been telegraphing her verdict since the first day of the trial and throughout the preliminary hearings. Not once but hundreds of times she admonished the Florida Department of Children and Families for not proving to her entire satisfaction that the birth father abandoned his daughter and was an unfit parent. Yet all the testimony given in her courtroom admitted of no other conclusion. In the end, she could only find that Izquierdo was "marginally" fit but that was good enough to rule in his favor. We should all want marginal fathers, marginal spouses and marginal judges.

The judicial battle to save Elenita's life is not over. In fact, it has hardly begun. At some point it will be taken out of Judge Cohen's courtroom and there might even be a chance that right might prevail.

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If you wish to read all the post in sequence, go to:


Vana said...

This should be a sad day for exiles, that a little girl was given over to her father, so she can face further abuse, I'm in shock, we knew the racist judge was not going to be fair, hopefully we can win at the appeal

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


This case is going to be around for a long time, which is both good and bad, as one or two events could transpire in the interim that could affect it for good or ill: Castro's death or Hillary Clinton's election as president.

Anonymous said...

Has a DNA test been done or ordered on both parents? We could be saving some time and money depending on the results there could be surprises!

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