Sunday, September 16, 2007

Babalú: Deleting Its Way to Sanity

The Babalunians have deleted Henry's post "Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows" on which we commented yesterday. Anyone could have predicted it from the general tenor of the dialogue on Henry's end as well as from Val's ringing of the bell towards the end.

It is Babalú's aspiration, über alles, to be "respectable." This sometimes means fawning, grovelling and other breaches of self-control and self-worth. Even the occasional well-placed obscenity is tolerated; but Henry's fusillades at Rick of Stuck on the Palmetto mostly misfired, not because the gunpowder was wet, but because Henry greased the cannonballs with his own excrement. Such foul language, in mixed company, puts Habla Mierda to shame. Certainly I never elicited such a reaction from Henry and I actually hit him where it hurts. Is Henry really so invested in Fred Thompson that questioning his candidate's motives can awaken in him the ire that pointing out his endless missteps on Cuba does not? Apparently so.

I also wonder what strange powers Rick has over him. Maybe Rick's long association with the wrong sort of Cubans has led him to seek other resources in order to gain mastery over Henry. I should not be surprised as Rick's rhetoric per se is nothing to send a man climbing up the walls. (In fact, Rick has always had a strange fascination with santería; but I didn't expect that to be the road to his assimilation to the dominant culture).

I find it difficult to summon up much sympathy for Henry. A little girl who's been abused every day of her 4-year-old life — well, I can understand her having panic attacks. How else can she get it across to the adolts surrounding her that she doesn't want to be dropped down Castro's well by her father? But Henry, Elenita's sometimes nemesis, should be able to keep his emotions in check, unless his new babies are bringing out the baby in him.

Henry's sparring partner at SotP has yet to notice that yesterday's Babalú post dedicated to him has been deleted but he's been in a daze ever since he repatriated temporarily to the heartland.

Of course, I saved a copy. So did the Babalunians, of course. So did Rick (unless he condemns himself to repeat the past).

Let's see who puts it up again first.


Fantomas said...


Manuel A.Tellechea said...

fantomas = 0 brains.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The last 20 posts on the Review of Cuban-American Blogs have received a total of 197 comments.

The last 20 posts on Babalú have received a total of 99 comments.

I won't even bother to tabulate the number of comments on your blog since it's always zero.

Fantomas said...

i do not care about that Manolo, mi blog es un blog de denuncia no un punto de encuentro ni de intercambio de opiniones

Vana said...

So it came to blows at Babalu yesterday, am glad you saved a copy, hope you printed first, would raher read it here, sorry have a house full of company, will return ASAP, when I can escape

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I let Rick do the honors. After all, it's his baby, and, as I've said, I am only a bystander enjoying the show.

Vana said...


You mean Rick posted it? I wouldn't even know how to get to his blog, a man should always think before speaking or writing, otherwise he will be thought a fool, to say idiocies and then delete, shows exactly the man one is, I should venture to say, not a man I would respect.

Rick said...

Manny...the reason that babalu pays no attention to you is that you habitually lie. It takes way too much time to deconstruct the lies so they don't bother responding.

For instance, in this post alone, you claim I have a fascination with Santeria. Not true. The only attention I pay to it is when it makes the news.

You also claim I'm in "the heartland," which I assume you mean the heartland of the US. Alas, I returned from there on Friday.

So you see, I've already taken up 3 paragraphs and way too much time denying your lies and have no motivation to address the rest of the BS that your post entails including the fact that you updated and composed most of it after seeing that I had written the post at SotP.

Oh, yes, Manny, RSS feeds don't lie and they show all your corrections and additions.

You are who you are, Manny, and you will never change.

That's why you're ignored.


Cari said...


I think they ignore you because they know that they can't beat you.

I don't know anything about rick (nor do I care.)

But I did read the posts on Babalu and was appalled at Henry's childishness.