Sunday, September 9, 2007

El Bitongo

Rafael Izquierdo proudly holds up a letter to his ex(?)-mistress which she testified was a forgery foisted on her by Magda Montiel-Davis after her own lawyer advised her that she would be guilty of perjury if she asserted in court that she had ever received it or any other communication from Izquierdo inquiring about their daughter when in fact she had not.

Looking at his expression we must really wonder who is the crazier — mother or father.


Vana said...


Who really is the crazy here, "daddy" looks like a fool full of himself, he has a smug expression on his face, like see I really did write, if there is any justice the court will see it right in his face, at least I hope so, but we must remember that justice is blind, scary

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


As a sidebar, Izquierdo's peculiar look, more Mexican than Cuban, would seem to indicate that he is a descendent of Yucatan Indians, who were imported as indentured servants at the time that slavery was abolished in Cuba, along with Chinese coolies.

Vana said...


I would say you are correct, good sidebar...

Anonymous said...

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