Monday, September 3, 2007

Vox Populi, Vox Dei

The people have spoken. Vox populi, vox dei. Na. However, I am grateful to all who have so far participated in the voting. This has been our most popular poll to date, garnering 50 votes already and counting. It even exceeded our legendary "Is Posada a Hero?" poll, where all 40 participants voted in the affirmative because they could here.

By a 2:1 plurality, which held throughout the voting, readers of this blog have concluded that I am less disgusted with Stuck on the Palmetto than with Babalú blog and should side (however disgusted) with the winner against the loser of the poll. I am not convinced. Sometimes the ice that is above the water is only the tip of an iceberg which is leagues deep. Do not be guided by appearances; dive beneath the surface; for there is the answer.

In the matter of Babalú vs. Stuck on the Palmetto, now locked in an internecine struggle, I have decided that I cannot in good conscience ally myself with either against the other, but should continue my disdainful neutrality towards the belligerents.

Since I believe that I owe my readers an explanation for going against their expressed wishes, I shall publish shortly my full and complete opinion of both blogs and their principals. After reading it, I am sure that you will approve of the course I have undertaken. You will also have an even lower opinion of both parties.

1 comment:

Vana said...

Hurray Manuel, I had an inkling this would be the outcome, for how can you align yourself with either blog? it's impossible, I applaud you my friend