Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Same Old Tired Hypothetical

Well, Val is at it again. He's posed his favorite hypothetical question for the 100th time: "The US Government suddenly announces, right now, that it has lifted all sanctions and the embargo against the Cuban government. What happens next?"

What happens next is the same old fruitless discussion.

It might be noted that Val was not always so hypothetical-friendly as he is now.

In a discussion on the embargo two years ago (August 2005), Val demanded of a commenter: "Please inform us how changing the current US policy towards Cuba will, IN FACT and not some idealistic HYPOTHETICAL, foster a change within the island of Cuba."

And next year, will Val love or hate hypotheticals?

Val's opinions are as variable as the weather. Since I don't have a satellite up in space, it is useless to try to predict them. It's hard enough to keep track of them.


Alex said...

Hahahaha Manuel funny article. I'm trying to get my ex-blog remove from Babalu links, but I guess my email went on dead ears.Hey, Val if you are reading this..Please, Remove my Ex-blog from your list..Thank you.

Vana said...

Guess he's coming up with these questions to keep his public interested, nothing gets the Exilio Historico more riled than when you say, let's lift the embargo, again Val plays with his readers emotions

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You have come to the right place. Val is one of our most devoted readers, though the rest of Babalú's editors are not far behind. He will definitely get your message here.