Sunday, September 30, 2007

Notable & Nationalistic: You Go for It, Jesús!!!

[Commenting on the new CBS drama series Cane, the saga of a heterogeneous family of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Colombians who pretend to be Cuban]:

"What's the matter with Hollywood? Don't they realize the unparalled antiquity of our Cuban culture? Heck, I know that (in some fashion or another) we were already a civilization before the Etruscans... before the Greeks and even the Minoans. In addition, we invented the first lightbulb from coconut husks and the first steam engine from fermented sugarcane bagazz [he means "bagasse"]. Forget the Scots, Germans and English... we Cubans invented the modern world. How dare Hollywood use "lesser" nationalities to impersonate a "Hellenistic culture" like ours in a T.V. series. Equally, how dare books sell a book called "Up Dog Street," which invents a Miami nationality identified as "Madrugans" and who control the city with an iron fist. We want to be correctly represented and identified by all these directors and writers, so we can feel adequately insulted and justified in organizing boycotts and demonstrations. Today Hollywood, tomorrow the world!!!!"
Posted by: Jess Martinez @ The Miami Herald Forum, 9/30/2007 2:47 PM

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Vana said...

Hollywood is in La La land, they don't give a shit, they lump us all together, if you speak Spanish, well then you are Hispanic, I refused to call myself that, when is asked of me I mark other, then pen in CUBAN