Monday, September 3, 2007

Sticking by his Sugar Daddy

It is always heartening to see a son come to the defense of his father. Michael Craig, who is 38-years old but has been Senator Larry Craig's son for less than a year, that is, since the senator legally adopted him after marrying his mother, also last year, has not only shown his devotion to the senator by changing his name to "Craig," but has told the Idaho Press Tribune, when asked about his father's recent escapades in a Minneapolis airport men's room, that, although at first he had his (understandable) doubts and asked his father "a lot of tough questions, I saw in his eyes that everything he was telling me was the truth. When you look in your parents' eyes, you can tell when they're telling the truth. After that conversation, I was 100 percent sure."

In an age when children are often indifferent about their lifelong parents it certainly restores one's faith in mankind to know that a son that Larry Craig picked up along the way last year when the confirmed bachelor finally married, has so completely attached himself to him that he can read his eyes as if they were mirrors to his soul.

No one now, I think, can doubt the human qualities of the senator, much less believe his confession or give any credence to his guilty plea.

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Vana said...

Lol Manuel, amusing post I had to laugh, is all one can do after such a ridiculous statement, he can look into his daddy's eyes, and see he's telling the truth, the man has only been his dad for a year! I tell ya funny.