Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Guantánamo Naval Base, Playground for Pedophiles

Well, they have to put them somewhere, and the place where the U.S. military sends its pedophiles is Guantánamo Naval Base. Incredibly, this actually does make some sense. Guantánamo is the only U.S. military facility in the world whose personnel is not allowed to mix with the local residents. The gates at the naval base have been locked for 46 years. The Castro regime has mined its environs not just to slow down an American invasion but to restrain its own citizens from seeking refuge there. If you are going to tolerate pedophiles in the armed forces — and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" apparently extends to them as well — then the place to isolate them is where they have no access to children and must limit their predations to 18-19 year-old soldiers or prisoners, not 8-9 year olds. Or so one would suppose.

Of course, children do sometimes manage to find their way to Guantánamo and the pedophiles find their way to them. Under the "Wet Foot/Dry Foot Policy," when Cuban refugeees are picked up by the Coast Guard on the high seas and it is determined that they have legitimate grounds to claim asylum, they are not transported to the U.S. but sequestered at Guantánamo Naval Base, where they are segregated from the alleged terrorists confined there but subjected to the same draconian security measures. These measures until recently included cavity searches of the children and even babies. When this became known last month — in fact, it was the last story that Oscar Corral reported on before his long hiatus — the government sought third-countries that would accept the Cuban refugees at Guantánamo, thereby preempting another scandal to rival that of the Arab military translators.

A story in the news lately confirms that Guantánamo has long been a pedophile's playground for the U.S. military. Kirby Logan Archer, a military police investigator at Guantánamo during the 1990s balsero crisis, was recently plucked from a life boat in the Florida Straits along with a Cuban teenager when the chartered boat on which he hoped to flee to Communist Cuba disappeared along with its 4-man crew. The fugitive Archer, a suspect in a $92,600 theft from an Arkansas Walmart, was apparently attempting to defect to Cuba with the teenager whom he first met when he and his family were confined at Guantánamo more than ten years ago. Archer maintained contact with him since his arrival in the U.S. and Archer's ex-wife claims that as a boy the Cuban teenager had even vacationed in their home in Arkansas. The Archers' marriage ended recently when she came out as a lesbian and Archer as a homosexual.

It has been assumed that Kirby Archer was fleeing to the island because he was wanted in connection with the Arkansas theft. It seems more probable, though, that the theft was committed in order to provide him with the funds to flee to Cuba with his teenage victim. The Cuban regime's open tolerance of sex tourism, and, particularly, the sexual exploitation of children, must have convinced Archer that he would have been welcome there along with his teenage companion, a Cuban national.

Although this is admittedly a unique case in many respects, the catalyst for it is not unique. The U.S. military must end its longstanding policy of using Guantánamo Naval Base as a dumping ground for all kinds of dysfunctional and anti-social elements from its ranks. With the scarcity of recruits in wartime and the cost of training replacements for them, it is unlikely that this will happen any time soon.


Vana said...


This is news to me, I heard of the story in the news this week, but had no idea it was connected to Cuba, as you say children do find their way there, since this is where they dump Cuban families, this is a shocking state of affairs, I would send the pedophiles to the front in Iraq, put them in harms way, fell them in one swift swoop.

It's unbelievable the way they deal with this scum of the earth, they should be castrated, or put away for life, if ever any man feels the urge to rape a child, they should do us all a favor, go to the desert and blow your brains out.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Once Cuba is free, we shall still have the open sore of Guantánamo Naval Base to deal with. The best thing would for those gates to stay locked until the U.S. is ready to return to Cuba what it leased "in perpetuity" 106 years ago against every precept of international law, which forbids an occupying power (as the U.S. was then) to annex the territory of an occupied country, which is in effect what the U.S. did under the ruse of a "perpetual lease."

Later the U.S. made matters worse by using Guantánamo not as a naval coaling station (which was the ostensible and now long-obsolete reason for which it was "leased"), but as a detention camp both for Cubans and foreign nationals. Guantánamo is not and has never been U.S. territory. The uses of a military base are not limitless. Guantánamo is in no way an overseas colony of the U.S.; nor does the U.S. enjoy extraterritoriality there. It is Cuba's situation at this time that has allowed the U.S. to abuse the norms of international law and usage to create a de facto American colony at Guantánamo. While this situation persists there can be no "normal relations" between the U.S. and Cuba even after the end of the Castro era.

Ironically, if not for Castro the lease on Guantánamo would have been terminated at the time that jurisdiction over the Panama Canal was returned to Panama. Now it may not be that easy to eliminate this last vestige of jingoism and putrid legacy of the Platt Amendment.

Anonymous said...

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