Saturday, September 22, 2007

Notable and Inspirational: What Eduardo Chibás Has to Teach Val Prieto

The biggest favor I ever did for Val Prieto was to introduce him to Professor Antonio de la Cova. If he follows Dr. de la Cova's sage advice, Val may yet hope to extricate himself from this disgrace of his own making. Never having had Chibás' brains or popular appeal, Val can never hope to aspire to his glory but may yet save himself from the consequences of his folly:


In 1951, "incredibly trustworthy sources" told Eduardo Chibás in Havana that they would give him evidence that Minister of Education Aureliano Sánchez Arango had bought property in Guatemala with funds stolen from his ministry. The impulsive Chibás made the accusation on his radio program before receiving the evidence. He then held up his briefcase to reporters and falsely assured that the documents were in his briefcase and that he would release them at the appropriate moment. Weeks went by and Chibás and his briefcase became popular choteo. In consequence, Chibás purged himself with Milk of Magnesia before shooting himself in the colon at the end of his radio program. He was on his way to full recovery nine days later, when his physician prescribed decoagulants for developing blood clots. In consequence, he internally bled to death.

Such is Cuban politics. There are always people who claim to have the "inside scoop" but it is just a figment of their imagination to make others believe that they are important. I trusted one of those people when I was younger and paid a high price for it.

Don't let what happened discourage you. Bounce back.

Posted by: delacova @ Babalú on September 22, 2007
12:08 PM

Professor de la Cova's advice would probably have done Val more good if he knew who Eduardo Chibás was.


Fantomas said...

No creo que Val se tome la magnesia ni se suicide por esto

tate tranquilo profesor , escribe algo que valga la pena chico , anda

bbl said...

who was Eduardo Chibás?

I found a bit on the web but I trust your knowledge more.

Thank you,

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Eduardo Chibás (1907-1951) is the man who would have prevented Fidel Castro from coming to power. If Chibás had not died in 1951, there would have been no coup in 1952 and no Revolution in 1953. He was an extraordinary character in our republican history: an honest reformer and ardent anti-Communist. The Cuban people, known for their fierce loyalty to personalities rather than parties, idolized Chibás more than any other Cuban politician. Castro, his antithesis, literally used Chibás' corpse as a stepping-stone to power.

Chibás truly is deserving of an article, especially in this his centennial year; and I promise you that one will be forthcoming.

Fantomas said...

My father always told me good things about Chibas

You are right this time profesor

bbl said...

It is incredible how a twist of fate changed the destiny of a nation and how the tyrant used and uses people of real character as shields to hide his purpose.

Thank you very much for your response and I will be looking forward to your article about him.


Vana said...


As you say us Cubans are quick to idolize, Chibas made a big mistake stating over the air that he had proof, when he did not, he was an honorable man, that is why he had no choice but suicide, don't think we can expect the same from Val, he has no honor, not that I'm advocating he kill himself, but a real honest apology would be nice for his minions.

Fantomas said...

don't think we can expect the same from Val, he has no honor,

Vana I see a trouble woman speaking

too much hate in your words

Do you have a happy sex life my dear?

"a kinder and gentler fantomas"
Sept 23, 2007

Agustin Farinas said...

again you continue to ofend Vana. What is it with you Fanto? Do you have a fixation on Vana's sex life? You continue to bring the subject up when you comment here. Why don't you worry a little more about your own sex life and leave others alone to live their life as they please. That is none of your damn business, or don't you get it? Everytime you raise the issue you continue to make a complete fool of yourself.
Yes, I know your answer already, "tomate la pastillita", "drink your kool aid"
Well, you know what you can do with the pastillita? Use it as a suppository and as far as the Kool Aid, why don't you use it for an enema on yourself? Why don't you go out and get a life?

Vana said...

I cannot hate Val because I don't love him, for your info fanto, there is a thin line between love and hate, hence to hate, first you have to love.

Furthermore for your info, I enjoy a very healthy sex life, so stop asking that stupid question, I don't need any of your stupid advice

Vana said...


You are like a knight on a white horse, thank you for your concern, and for coming to my aid, shows you are a gentleman

Agustin Farinas said...

your very welcome. This subject of his insults and demeaning words is so disgusting to me. He should learn how to have a discussion without having to resort to using gutter language and epithetes, that tells us more about himself than about the object of his insults. When I read the comments on the Madhouse I was so apalled by the filthy language used in their comments I was embarrased that they were both Cubans. Fantomas and Alex's comments are testimony to their lack of good manners, and as I said tell us more about them than anything we can imagine about them. They should both be ashamed of themselves specially addressing a woman that way. But we cannot ask peaches from an elm tree, or so they say. Their behaviour is unforgivable and shameful. Ignorance is the best policy with these types of people.

Vana said...


It really is a shame we must call them Cuban, they give us all a bad name, if people judge Cubans by those two, heaven help us all