Saturday, September 22, 2007

Notable and Delusional: Henry Claims Val Never Said "Fidel Is Dead"

"I'm pretty sure that if you read Val's posts and comments on the subject that you'll see that he never said fidel was dead. He reported things he had heard from a variety of sources and stated it as such. He has said that fidel was, in his opinion, dead. The problem here is that we have to rely on the word of an opaque and dishonest regime that is not beyond manipulation and misinformation."
Posted by: Henry "Conductor" Gomez @ Babalú on September 22, 2007 09:28 AM

The "problem" is also dupes who are not beyond being manipulated and misinformed. Don't forget that, Henry.


Cari said...


I too read Henry's statement at Babalu...I knew you would jump on it right away.

I was amazed that Henry would even say that. Maybe his two new babies are preventing him from getting enough rest?

Vana said...


He published it in big bold letters Fidel is Dead, I saw it with my own eyes, who is Henry trying to fool? not me, you cannot cover the sun with one finger