Saturday, September 15, 2007

Henry Gómez Tries to Drag Me Into the "Babalú-Palmetto" War

I declared my official neutrality in the Babalú-Palmetto War more than 2 weeks ago. But we can't really expect Henry Gómez to play by the rules of civilized warfare, because what Habla Mierda speaks, Henry plays with.

I have been dragged into the the "T-Shirt War" (as I dubbed it) against my better judgment to deny Henry Gómez's implication that there exists a Great Alliance arrayed against Babalú, composed of "Tellechea, South of the Palmetto and Habla Mierda." Well, this is news to me. Let me assure Henry that I do not associate with these blogs any more than I do with Babalú. In fact, if I were to create an alliance against Babalú, I would be sure to exclude them.

Watching Henry and Rick arguing is like watching Tweedledum and Tweedledee go at it; great fun if your patience for idiots is infinite. They are now crossing swords over Fred Thompson when both should be joining him in sticking their swords into the defenseless Cuban balseros as is their wont. The Coast Guard can teach them how. Rick is a fast learner, especially when his heart is in it. And Henry, of course, can't wait to get at those smugglers that bring Castro's slaves to freedom.

As I have said before and will say here again: there has never been a single case of a balsero being charged or convicted of espionage or sabotage in the history of this country. Period. Find another bogeyman: that one does not exist.

It is instructive to see how Henry, who knows better than to ever challenge me on RCAB or even Babalú, because he knows what will happen to him — exactly what happened to his simpleton of a boss when he tried it — nevertheless names me as the first among his enemies when engaged in an equal contest with Rick. He has no qualms about mentioning Stuck on the Palmetto, Mamb[o] Watch or Habla Mierda, but when he refers to me it is as "Tellechea." Why? Because he is too afraid to ever mention my blog by name on Babalú. He knows that the day he does will be the beginning of the end for Babalú. The RCAB Archives holds enough material to sink Babalú one hundred times over, which fact is not lost on the pusillanimous Babalunians.


I hereby nominate this comment as the stupidest that has ever been made on any Cuban-themed blog in immemorial history:

Dick is a dick. He, Tellechea, and the anonymous Mambi Watcher need to get a life, really. They sound like frustrated underachievers to me. Who are these clowns, anyway? Does anyone know who they are.
Posted by: mrcs_Concepcion at September 15, 2007 03:09 AM

"Who are these clowns, anyway. Does anyone know who they are?"

You know my name. You just cited it, you idiot. You don't know the identities of the other two. If you are interested in Mambo's name, I suggest you ask Babalú editor Marc R. Másferrer, who links Mambo Watch on his own blog, Uncommon Sense. As for Rick's identity, just ask Henry. There's only one degree of separation between them.

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Fantomas said...

0 comments..I can count

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Up to 10 ... or 20 if you use your toes.

Vana said...


They are getting paranoid at Babalunia, you have them begging for mercy, a great Alliance? important must they believe themselves to be, he mentions the others by blog, to mention you would be suicide, Babalunia will sink like the Titanic, at the rate they are going, blog father and all!