Saturday, September 22, 2007

Babaloo's Waterloos: Val Admits that Fidel Is Not Dead, Claims to Have Been "Duped Again"

It takes a dupe to be duped and a world-class dupe to be "duped again."

Here is Val's mea culpa, or, rather, his "it's my sources' culpa," before he deletes or re-writes it:

Kiss my ass
By Val Prieto
, September 22, 2007

Even though I've yet to see the latest video, I'm told fidel castro is still alive, contrary to the many assurances I received from some pretty good sources. Duped once again.

Así es la vida.

I think I mentioned it in the fidel is dead posts, but there was always the possibility of him still being alive and we being manipulated, once again, just like we have been for so many years.

I do apologize for my zeal, but being wrong comes with the package. I trusted incredibly trustworthy sources and I would have been dishonest with you all if I had not stated my personal opinions on the subject. To those that are glad he's alive, all I can say is kiss my fucking ass.


webmaster said...

Is this another want add for a bugarron? He keeps asking anyone to kiss ass. I don't know much about these things but it seems like tremenda mariconería.

Curioso na'ma',
El Caimán

Vana said...

Kiss my ass, how typical of him, that's his apology, he does not give a shit about the people he duped, he just wants hits.

Lol Caiman, I think you may be right at that, he has an obsession with his ass.