Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

I am insulted all the time. The greatest insult I ever received in my life was when Val Prieto said on this blog that I was smarter than he was. And now Marc R. Masferrer of Uncommon Sense says that I am an "idiot." Well, flattery will get him nowhere, either. He doesn't mention me by name, which is either a professional courtesy or a ridiculous attempt to "answer me" without attracting my attention. He lumps me in with other "idiots" whom he does mention by name. So much deference even when I am being called an "idiot."

Here is Marc's pathetic attempt to answer me, where, in fact, he does exactly what he accuses me of doing — attacking "our own":

Cuba Idiot Alert Works Overtime

It's a neck and neck battle [race?] for the biggest idiot whose words I have read today [it shouldn't be. Why don't you just read your own words?].

The idiot alert on my computer is about to overheat
[just be careful the "idiot alert" in your head doesn't overheat].

First, there's the bloguero [that's me!] who saves his sharpest barbs [yes, they are sharp, aren't they?] not for Fidel Castro, but for those of us who, I think, share the same distaste for the dictator that he does [
what? you only "think" that you share my hate (not "distaste") for Castro?]. It's OK if our personalities or our approaches don't mesh [why should they?], so let's stay focused on the real evil, please [with sugar on it?], not on petty comemierda [he means comemierderia], like who links [or unlinks] to whom, better suited for a kindergarten playground than a serious marketplace of ideas [surely you don't mean your optimistically-entitled blog with posts like the one critiqued below?].

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Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Invariably I find that no comments are ever left on posts that expose the foibles of Val Prieto & Company, although these, judging by page views, are the most popular. The explanation is that their "friends" love to see them taken down a peg or two, but are too afraid of breaking ranks with them to express their own opinions. Such a situation bespeaks more than it says.