Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tostones pa' los tostados

"You can buy us lunch if you want; we're definitely not going to buy you lunch." — Val Prieto, The Babalú [Faux] Radio Hour, Sept. 19, 2007

The last time Val Prieto heard the words "We're doing lunch," they came from the mouth of his telephone buddy Emilio Estefan, back in the days when Val staked his reputation on the word of the Estefans. He knows now what their word is worth. The only thing Val got to eat on the Estefans' dime (besides you know what) was crow, unaccompanied by Emilio or Gloria. Oh, yes, he got something else, but not from the Estefans — the Review of Cuban-American Blogs, the gift that keeps on giving.

Now it is Val who has extended the "We're doing lunch" invitation to his minions. He must be beset by another of his bouts of insecurity because he's "invited" (in a Dutch way) the Babalunian faithful to gather at a local eatery at lunch time to pay tribute to him (in the Ottoman fashion). For sure my ears will be ringing today, since to Val's eternal chagrin the RCAB is the one subject that everybody always brings up in conversation with him nowadays. My shadow will float like a benediction over the gathered sycophants, admonishing them that reason and honor are paths that are always open to those who would take them. Val promises to have "really bad hangover," which means that his devotees will see him at his best. I hope their idol will not disappoint them, but idols usually do.

Henry, the gentleman-in-waiting at Babalú, has not signalled whether he will attend; perhaps he is planning a grand entrance carrying the roasted pig (no, not Val); or else his tastes are more in conformity with his faux Belén education. It is possible, though, that another Belén alumni, down on his luck these days, may be eating there while he cruises the prospects outside.

I may send an observer to the proceedings, as I did when the BUCLers protested outside Versailles Restaurant. I was the first to report here that Val was not there, and that a surprise character from another blog, lately at war with Babalú, had been the one who tipped Henry to the presence of The Police guitarist at the restaurant. I have many eyes and ears among the Babalunian fifth-columnists.

Enjoy your meal and don't even think of passing the tab to Val. He'll be comfortably and conveniently passed out under the table.


Agustin Farinas said...

while he is attending such an august lunch with his friends, if his friends the Eschefans show up (highly doubtful), he may get a chance to ask Gloria about her vote for Hillary Clinton, heroine of the Venceremos Brigade and close friend of the later Vilma Espin, her buddy in China. She claims the political arena needs more estrogen and so she declared that she will give her vote to Hillary. While in a democracy thank God we can vote for whomever we want,and thta is a privilege, her choice of Hillary is a funny choice. I wonder if her father would have felt the same way after seeing the pictures of Hillary with Vilma in Peking and knowing syhe was part of the Venceremos Brigade of Castro's sympathizers and apologists. But politics makes for strange bedfellows someone said. I guess now your opposition to the Eschefans, which got you booted from Babalu, has been vindicated with this new development. I wonder what our illustrious Fantomas will say now? He, who so adamant bends backwards defending the Eschefans, what will he think of Gloria now?
Any words Enrique, on your idol?

Vana said...

Val's trying to get a free inviting his minions he knows he won't be allowed to pay, since he will be drunk and under the table, I have noticed he always talks of getting drunk, his life must be pretty poor indeed, when he feels the need to obliterate it by escaping through alcohol, please Manuel, do send an observer so we can get the dirt first hand from you.

Vana said...


Imagine that! Gloria will vote for Hitlery, she's turning commie on us, I imagine her followers will now see her in a new light, next she'll be telling her admirers she's off to Cuba to cut sugarcane for the tyranny, things are getting scary down Miami way

Fantomas said...

Agustin ya te respondi en mi blog

gracias por visitarme , yo se que manolo no va a sentir envidia que tu entres a comentar en mi blog

Manolo por favor dejame por lo menos un comentario en mi blog para ver si obtengo mas trafico

por favorrr

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The only way I will visit your blog is if you remove moderation.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Thank you gentlemen, it's truly an honor. Val Prieto @ Babalú just now

Dear Vana:

You were right. Val has just thanked his speechless "hosts" for their hospitality in response to his invitation.

Truly, it is like seeing life on another planet.

Fantomas said...

por si no lo sabias amigo manuel , la moderacion en el blog de fantomas no existe desde hace par de semanas ..tienes libre albedrio de escribir sin ser censurado se permiten malas palabras, ni fresquerias

Cari said...


When I first starting reading this blog, Mr. Fantomas annoyed and offended me a bit.

But after some consideration...I believe he is rather funny. (especially when he doesn't use foul language)

This is one of the funniest posts I've read here.


Agustin Farinas said...

this is a case of "do what I say but not what I do". You ask for moderation from the commenters in your blog, imploring and asking for "please no bad words and no fresquerias", but you come here and used the filthiest most disgusting language to attack another commenter I have ever read in anyone's blog. How are we to understand this? So you want everyone to behave when they write in your blog (understandable) but yet you abuse the same privilege you are not willing to tolerate when you visit someone elses's blog? In my book there is only one word for this and is called: hipocrisy!
By the way you never answered any of my questions about your friend Gloria Eschefan.
I did not blame them for the advent of Communism to Cuba. This is called in Cuba "irse por la tangente". What I said very clearly was that she is willing to cast her vote for someone who went to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade in the 1960's and embraced Vilma Espin like old lost friends when she met her in Peking during a women's congress. I know perfectly well who is to blame for the last 48 years of terror we have had. But voting for Hillary Clinton is not the answer. So far I don't know who I am going to vote for, but I know this: It will not be Hillary Clinton. She is a known quantity, and the quality leaves much to be desired. Sorry Gloria, but I will pass on your advice.

Fantomas said...

Agustin , do you think Cuba is the only issue Americans face... there is war, the economy , and illegal inmigration..

the cuba issue is really not of any importance to most American politicians..

Hillary will probably win , even if you dont vote for her...

tenemos que prepararnos desde ahora para trabajar con ella en los asuntos de cuba y para que pueda enforzar el embargo mas

me entiendes?

Cari..fantomas is bueno unless provoqued... preguntele e Vana

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Fantomas can be funny. Sadly, he doesn't know the line between humor and offensiveness and often crosses it.

On rare occasions he's even been known to make a cogent observation. The wait is long and hardly worthwhile, but it is not a fruitless wait.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You are completely right. The Estefans do not share our values anymore. They are so removed from our community and have been for so long a time that I doubt whether they can even distinguish anymore between what hurts or benefits their own people or the cause of Cuban freedom.

Cuba is just a prop to them; an idea that they can't trademark but exploit as much as they can for their own profit. Richer than Midas and as miserly they also harbor the conceit that everything they touch will turn to gold. The only way to disabuse them is stop buying their records. Their music has always been more of an embarrassment than a credit to our country. Now they themselves are the embarrassment.

Fantomas said...

breaking news

Gloria Stefan va a cantar el himno nacional en el juego de chicago bears y dallas cowboys este domingo

Agustin Farinas said...

that is not news. It would be news if she was going to sing at Hillary's inauguration in 2009 as I am sure she will if she was asked. As Manuel said: they are very far removed from our politics and are just as ignorant. They can only see dollar signs in front of them. A real sorry excuse for Cubans.

Vana said...


Lol they paid for his meal and his alcohol? on alcohol alone that tab must have big indeed, Val is a