Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can Val Measure Up to Porfirio Rubirosa?

In what must be the strangest Babalú post to date, Val Prieto confessed that this morning (surely not in the "morning") he shared a vampirish kiss with the long-deceased 1950s actress and bon vivant Ava Gardner.

Val better be careful next time he goes to sleep "perchance to dream."

He may just be visited by Porfirio Rubirosa.

Who might just hit him with his polo stick.

Rubirosa was the Dominican ambassador to Cuba (and half a dozen other countries) during the reign of Trujillo. While Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens were breaking color barriers in sports, "Rubi" (as he was known) was setting records and breaking barriers in another department. Rubirosa bedded every white starlet and billionaire heiress that crossed his path in his storied 40-year career as the planet's most famous Latin lover.

There was even a '50s Cuban song entitled "¿Qué es lo tuyo, Rubirosa?"

When I do frivolous posts, at least I find the Cuban angles.


Vana said...

Lmao Manuel, if he was visited by Rubirosa he surely will not tell the world about it.

I remember asking my mom years ago who was Rubirosa, you must admit it is a famous name among Cubans, she told me he was the equivalent of a Don Juan, guess I was too young for her to tell me of his coutships, and go into details.

Ava who sold herself to Micky Rooney for fame, then dumped him claiming she could not be married to a midget, went on to destroy Frank Sinatra's marriage, then dumped him too, a scary woman to dream about, if you are a man..lol

Alex said...

You crack me up!I shall return old childrens.I work for a living not sitting around collecting welfare checks.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You could have fooled me.

Agustin Farinas said...

Rubirosa even tried his hand a car racing in the 1950's racing against the Marques de Portago in at least one race If I am not mistaken and my memory serves me right. He did not amount to much in the race car circuit though. Not much success there like with his women. He even married the heiress to the Wolworth's (10 cent stores) fortune named Barbara Hutton. He was a real colorful character,I must admit.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Rubirosa also married Doris Duke, heiress to the tobacco fortune, and the first female billionaire.

Agustin Farinas said...

sounds like he was a real gold-digger with the ladies. And he chose only the richest and the dumbest! Wow, he must have died in riches and probably not in the Dominican Republic. I think I remember reading somewhere he died from heart failure. I always said that once one reaches a certain age, one cannot do the things one did at 25. I believe he may have had coitus himself to death, to put it mildly. LOL