Monday, April 9, 2007

Linked Today, Unlinked Tomorrow

I suppose that Marc R. Masferrer of Uncommon Sense (but not in this instance) must have received one of those "You have betrayed me, buddy" e-mails from Val Prieto when Marc graciously (and unbeknownst to me) added the Review of Cuban-American Blogs to his blogroll. I had warned him to pay me no attention lest he bring upon his head the mighty wrath of the self-styled "Father of Cuban-American Bloggers." Marc insisted nonetheless on doing so and the subsequent rebuke and capitulation were not unexpected.

Here for the curious is a cache of Marc's blog showing that he briefly linked to the Review of Cuban-American Blogs before being "re-educated:"

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Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Invariably I find that no comments are ever left on posts that expose the foibles of Val Prieto & Company, although these, judging by page views, are the most popular. The explanation is that their "friends" love to see them taken down a peg or two, but are too afraid of breaking ranks with them to express their own opinions. Such a situation bespeaks more than it says.