Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Re-Conquest of Florida

An exchange with an anonymous run-of-the-mill bigot at "Klotz" As In Blood:

anonymous Says:
September 19th, 2007 at 3:38 pm
fuck the cubans and their goddam museum. fuck you too. cubans ruined miami and theyre working on fucking up the rest of florida, too.

Manuel A. Tellechea Says:
September 20th, 2007 at 1:04 pm
Hopefully Cuban exiles will be able to settle the rest of Florida and complete the heroic work of civilization begun by our ancestors in 1565, when settlers from Cuba founded the first permanent colony in what is now the United States, at St. Augustine, FL.

So, yes, Cubans are the original settlers, the FFF (First Families of Florida) and the FFUS (First Families of the United States).

When Cuba is free, Florida will once again become, for all intents and purposes, a colony of Cuba. If nothing else, these last 48 years of tyranny and forced residence in the U.S. have helped Cubans recover their erstwhile political and economic domination of Florida.

This testament to dignity could be called reverse annexation. All the Babalunians and most of their satellites, as well as Alex at Stuck on the Palmetto, are in favor of the annexation of Cuba by the United States. In other words, they think it's OK to negate our entire history; unbury and profane the bones of our forebears; betray and destroy the essence of our country MORE COMPLETELY THAN EVEN CASTRO HAS DONE. That is annexation, the conventional kind; the treasonous kind which Martí and Maceo deplored and which Val & Company support. My version of annexation will not destroy the U.S. A small country like ours cannot overwhelm their big country. A democratic Cuba will be no threat to it. Our benign stewartship of Florida will not threaten it. In fact, I can see no reason that it would be less welcome when Cuba is free than it was when Cuba was not.

An interesting discussion has ensued at:


Fantomas said...

manny ahora si,te has vuelto loco de remate

"virgencita de la caridad, apiadate de el"

fantomas sept 21, 2007

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Yet you and your Babalunian friends find nothing objectionable in the annexation of Cuba to the United States.

Vana said...


I love the answer you gave that idiot at Klotz, you are so versed in our history, tell me why are you not teaching it at some university? for you are so right, we did settle St Augustine, if it were not for us Miami would have turned into a ghost town, we brought it back to life, turned it into the city it is today.

Nothing gets my hair up more than to hear some idiot say Fuck the Cubans, and to hear my own brethen call for annexation, they are so wrong, where is your pride for Christ's sake of wanting your own free country, run by us for the good of our fellowmen, they just don't get it! I would say to them read Marti, and please do not betray his own exile and suffering, what he wanted for us was paradise, he sacrificed his life for it.

Steve ("Klotz" As In "Blood") said...

Manny: As you know, I make it a policy not to delete comments (exception: robotic spam), figuring the commenter reveals more about himself than what he's talking about. I also count on other commenters (like yourself) setting them straight. As you did.

The amount of bigotry in the world amazes me. It's like we never learn.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I follow the same policy as you and never delete comments howsoever offensive. Since RCAB attracts the biggest idiots from Babalú and its satellites (sometimes I think this is Val's revenge), I have had to establish The Madhouse, where all offensive and libellous statements find a home and secure refuge. By popular request, I have added The Madhouse to my "Fraternal Links" so that its contents be available to all who may wish to be repulsed by them.

Of course, I don't take personally or seriously what your commenter said. He is only a prop for bigger things. I know that you are yourself familiar with "Manny Youngman's" vein of humor and will not take everything that I say seriously either. My method of answering idiots is to confound them. History may have a few more wrinkles than my perfectly smooth Cuba-centric version of it. Still, it would not be difficult for me to defend the proposition that Cuba is the fountainhead of civilization in the Americas. There is more truth to that assertion than not.

Having a well-developed sense of humor is the key to understanding me, as you know. Sadly, Val & Company never will, because Castro, who could steal nothing else from them, stole their funny bones.