Monday, August 6, 2007

Henry Gómez at the Review of Cuban-American Blogs

Can this possibly be right? Just nine (9) posts dedicated exclusively to Henry Gomez out of a total of 200 to date? Henry could have sworn that it was at least 600. Of course, every post at The Review of Cuban American Blogs is inspired by and has at least a little bit to do with Val & Henry; the cumulative effect is what makes it seem more.

Henry Explains Fred Thompson to Us

The BUCL Belt: Henry's Imagination Strikes Again

"Henry, Henry Aldrich!"

Henry's Grapes of Wrath

Is There Anything At All in Henry's Mind On Any Day?

BUCL Leader Henry Gómez to Vanquish the Real Academia Today

Henry Gómez Accuses Spaniards of "Exploding Cubans"

Henry Gómez Comes to Posada's Defense (Sort Of)

Henry Gomez Is No Machiavelli


Vana said...

Only Manuel you are falling

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Yet 9 posts is enough for Henry to claim that I am "obsessed" with him as with Val. Of course, more than 150 posts are dedicated to Babalú in general, though not specifically to Val or Henry, though they are mentioned en passant.

Mambi_Watch said...

You know, the correct measure would be a word count, not number of posts, dedicated to Val or Henry.