Monday, August 6, 2007

The RCAB's Proud History: The Coinage of "Babalunian"

[As we approach our 200th post on the Review of Cuban-American Blogs, it is only right that we recall the epic and epoch-making moments in its glorious history. Here we celebrate the re-baptizing of the erstwhile "Babulusians"].

I am so very proud to have coined the word "Babalunians" to describe the denizens of Babalú blog, also known as "Babalunia" or the "Babalunian Republic." Apparently, according to Google, it is a unique coinage. I want you, my dear readers, to spread its fame near and far, even to the very portals of Babalunia. Use it whenever appropriate on the NET and let the fame of the Babalunians grow till everybody is laughing at them.


Vana said...

And the Babalunia Republic it is, you gave them a perfect name

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I was surprised that no one ever thought of that word in any context. It's not an easy thing to create a new word, especially one with the sound and feel of an old one. Most plausible new words are already taken and what remains smells too much of the lamp.

I wonder if anybody ever coined the word "Babelunian" to describe an inhabitant of the Tower of Babel? I suppose so. If so, "Babalunian" would gain much by the association.