Saturday, August 18, 2007

Martí and Fidel: The Apostle and the Pharisee

By: José Varela

Fidel: Oh it's you, Martí, the "Intellectual Author" of the Revolution.
Martí: Cut that out, Fidel, or I am going to sue you.


Vana said...

Nice cartoon Manuel, am sure Marti looks from the grave, and is in shock at what is going on in Cuba, his Cuba, the one he wanted free of oppression and tyranny, and there she lays before his tomb, enslaved

Fantomas said...

Claro que si

Jose Marti autor intelectual del Asalto al Cuartel Moncada


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Death nowadays doesn't even protect men from calumny. On the contrary, historical figures like Martí are kidnapped by their political enemies who can only subdue them by destroying the immaterial since the material is long gone. Such was the case of Martí and the Castroite Revolution. 48 years of hammering into people's heads this non-existent association has been the greatest crime ever perpetrated against the memory of Martí. It may take another generation to clean the Augean stables which Castro caused to be erected in his mausoleum. Cubans who think for themselves, however, shall have no difficulty seeing through this profanation. The best authority on Martí is Martí.