Friday, August 3, 2007

George Moneo Proposes to Use Condoms to Kill Off His Blogger Enemies: Me, Alex and ???

"[I] can name three bloggers who could be poster children for parents using condoms..." — George Moneo

George Moneo has become a spokesman for the use of condoms. Or, more precisely, for using them to prevent the birth of those whom he despises most on the blogosphere. He is even now building the Time Machine that will enable him to strap condoms on the dicks of their fathers before they have planted their seed. Personally, I have always despised eugenics as much as abortion. If practiced generally, it would result, for example, in the elimination of dwarfs, among other "imperfect" human beings.

Now, there can be no doubt that I am on George's short list. In fact, I am pretty sure I am at the top. Second is probably Alex from Stuck on the Palmetto, who rebaptized George "The Pitbull" Moneo as "Poodle." I myself thought of calling George a bichon — which is smaller than a poodle but not as "ethnic" as a chihuahua — but the word "bichon" was highly unapplicable for other reasons.

Now, my question is — who is the 3rd blogger?

I suppose we could be charitable and say it's Fidel, whose Granma blog is permanently closed to comments. He gets his "feedback" through a tube, as I elsewhere noted.

But supposing it isn't Fidel, whom would you nominate as the third of George's most hated bloggers?


Alex said...

Hey, not so quick. I dispute you the honor of being at the top of that list. Besides the "French poodle" moniker (and the French part is important, given his "freedom fries" jingoistic tendencies) I have invited him to be my garden gnome, reminded him countless times of the sad episode where his mother (or wife, I forget) hired a stripper for his birthday, made fun of his pinkie-raising martini-holding technique, exposed the latent tendencies behind his homophobia, chided him for not learning Spanish, wondered if his considerable girth was caused by so much hot air and finally, demonstrated he does not know anything about Islam, radical islamic tendencies or the history of the Middle East.

In other words, I have worked long and hard for his scorn.

BTW, the third blogger is most certainly Rick.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Your pretensions are certainly considerable and do seem to rise above my newly-minted claims. However, if you consider George's despite as part of a mob mentality at Babalú, then I think I am the more hated. Henry certainly doesn't hate you; no man would have fewer reasons to hate another. Val may dislike you as Alex of SoTP, but his hatred for me is now about to blow his own internal pressure cooker. Both Val and Henry exert a powerful influence over George, so I should not be surprised if they had instilled in him more hatred for me than for you.

Yes, you have "worked long and hard for [George's] scorn." I will give you that. But I achieved the same (or nearly the same) level of scorn almost overnight, and, dare I say, almost without trying, since my principal guns were aimed at his buddies and he was just the collateral damage.

Steve ("Klotz" As In "Blood") said...

In Alex's comment I read a second reference to George Moneo's lack of Spanish language skills. First time I read this I thought Manny was making a nasty little joke, an insult. Now I'm really wondering: it is true? Isn't that like a 2nd amendment freak not owning a gun?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I first became aware of this fact when I noticed that every time George introduced for effect a Spanish word in one of his posts he would inevitably use it incorrectly as one would who derived his knowledge of Spanish from a Spanish-English dictionary and had no idea of the mechanics of the language.

He is, as I've said before, the only Cuban his age that I have ever encountered who does not speak Spanish. In the beginning, this could only have been a conscious decision (or rejection) on his part. By now I think his brain is too closed to even attempt learning it.

Alex said...

Pretty much Steve. Although, to be fair, I think is possible 9although rare) to be OK with the 2nd amendment and not own a gun, just like it's possible to support freedom of religion while being an atheist.

The lack of Spanish skills in George's case is puzzling given his age. Most "historic" exile children speak Spanish -in fact, it was a matter of pride for those people to speak Spanish at home.

Vana said...

I thought Moneo was Argentinian, now I find he's Cuban, and does not speak, I think Manuel is right, he's the most hated at Babalunia

Andy said...

Moneo not speaking Spanish is great. I always thought it was ridiculous that most of those radicals had never even been to Cuba or understand the country. But not even knowing Spanish tops all that.

Agustin Farinas said...

Doesn't the last name MONEO translates as the thing that the monkeys do? As in the sentence "El mono esta moneando".
I found that coincidence very funny and appropiate.

Vana said...

By the way Manuel, I think he meant you, Charlie and KC, you know they are also much disliked at Babalunia

Vana said...

LOL Agustin, funny you would find that connection, I think you are right, he's a Mono

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Yes, I think that would be about right:

1) Me
2) Alex & Sidekick Rick
3) Killcastro & Charlie Bravo

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Welcome aboard and make free use of the Archives. This is only a taste of what came before.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Yes, Moneo's name offers an almost infinitite number of simian variants. My favorite is: "Curious George" Moneo.

Charlie Bravo said...

I am glad to belong to this exclusive Club....

Vana said...

By George I think I got intended)

KillCastro said...

Hatred is an emotion only felt by the psychologically scarred, those who suffered from child molestation (or found out later in life their parents were related) and the utterly stupid whose simian part of the brain seems to have full control of their faculties.
And speaking of Simians…..
Yes a fucking troglodyte fat fuck who doesn’t speak Spanish (although his age would certainly indicate otherwise) spewing forth doctrines about Cuba. Le roncan los cojones asere (now go grab your English to Cuban Slang dictionary MonekyBoy). This has to be the most humiliating of shortcomings considering you have 5 year old Cuban/American kids speaking 3 languages!
Yes get your daily doses of Cuban knowledge by the mentally, historically and geographically challenged.
And I swear I don’t hate this tub of lard I just find him to be an utterly waste of protoplasm. MONEO indeed! Bwahahaha!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


You are quite right: those who have been emotionally scarred or have been the victims of a great and irredeemable wrong alone have the right to hate, or, rather, should be allowed to hate without obloquy by those who have not suffered their pain. You, of course, say it in a more humorous and charming manner.

I don't know that George Moneo has ever personally suffered any great trauma except for being George Moneo per se and that is something that traumatizes the outside world more than it does him.

Of course, he would have a perfect right to comment on Cuba if he had only educated himself on the subject and felt a real empathy for the suffering of the Cuban people. But his empathy does not even rise to the level of learning their language.

He recently posted an article where he depicted recent Cuban refugees as welfare-cheating America-haters. He made this generalization on the basis of the fact that one had asked him for instructions to a government building, which George, a glorified security guard (?) at another building, was loathe to give. As I've elsewhere observed: One can't love Cuba if one hates Cubans.

KillCastro said...

Let us remember Mr. T that is not ALL Cuba they love it is NORTH CUBA and the North Cubans,
I am AMAZED that the fact a Miamian is clearly stealing money from Cubans in th USA , playing with our pain ( as has happened to Joe Papp and Yuliet) and none of the BlogDaddies the "Fidel Nemesis" have utter a word about this.. I guess that would be washing LOS TRAPOS SUCIOS. Bet ya if this person lived in Spain, god damn the scream could have been heard in las quimbanbas. But NO, with a Miamian? hell. The thief is in North Cuba the victim in South Cuba .. FUCK the victim!

That island to the south of Miami if full of darky commies, USA hating KaSStro loving trash. Trash they can not WAIT to see die of starvation so they can , in their own delusions come as the great conquerors reunite the north & south and stick a MasCanosas clone as the president of yet another puppet republic , which will be from day one prime for yet ANOTHER KaSStro type to come by and start the nightmare all over again.

Anonymous said...

His name is Ustet, moneo is a BS cover.

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