Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yamilet López: The Girl Whom Oscar Corral Propositioned

On New Year's Eve 2004, Yamilet López, a resident of Miami, who gave her age as 19, visited a Spanish-language website "Mundo de Magia y Amor" and solicited a free premium that was being offered there. The site is a lonely hearts club but she left no messages there that would indicate that she was soliciting companionship of any kind on the internet at that time. Assuming that she is the Yamilet López whom Oscar Corral propositioned on Friday night last — and everything appears to indicate so — then she is of Cuban-origin, probably Cuban-born and a recent immigrant, as her e-mail address would indicate, which is partially "cubana4[for]lif[e]."

Of course it is possible that she exaggerated her age in 2004. If she is really 18 now, she would have been 14-15 then. It is tragic to think, of course, that someone who abandons her homeland for a better life in America, having suffered all the deprivations of home, should end up, whether at 18 or 21, on the streets of Miami selling her favors to Belén's pampered elite for the necessities of life. Corral's conduct is no different from that of the sexual tourists who travel to our country to satisfy their depravity at the expense of Cuba's younger generation, female and male, teenagers and children, with the sanction and protection of the Castro regime.


charlie bravo said...

If that's the case, he is indeed of the same putrid flesh as your garden variety airbone pedophile who preys on the younger generation of Cubans. It would be interesting, of course, to see if all who made a campaing against Spain because in its general population are a few perverts would feel the same urge to make a campaign against Bel�n, which gave us people of the moral turpitude of Castro and Corral.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Well said.

Vana said...

Wow! poor girl, wonder what led her to search out that life once she found herself in freedom, were she my daughter, her ass would have been in school, and out of trouble.