Monday, August 6, 2007

The RCAB's Proud History: "Babaloo's Waterloos"

[As we approach our 200th post we take proud note of the epic and epoch-making moments in the glorious history of the Review of Cuban-American Blogs. Here we celebrate our trademarked "Babaloo's Waterloos"].

Everybody's favorite feature on The Review of Cuban American Blogs is our continuing series "Babaloo's Waterloos," where we chronicle Babalú blog's lost battles and irredeemable faux pas. Their lost skirmishes are noted in "Babaloo's Boo-Boos," which takes its name from a post at the Babalunian Republic when Henry Gómez publicly confessed to having committed a "boo boo."

Here for your delectation is the entire series to date:

Babaloos' Waterloos: "Some Spaniards Are OK"

Babaloo's Waterloos: Dancing With "The John Birch Society"

Babaloo's Waterloos: Has There Been a Coup at Babalú?

Babaloo's "Boo Boos"

Babaloo's Waterloos: Spain "Forced Religion" on Cubans

Babaloo's Waterloos: Val Prieto Philosophizes On the Meaning of Being All Wet

Babaloo's Waterloos: The Miami Herald Speaks for Henry Gómez on Posada

Babaloo's Waterloos: Raiding the "Enemy's" Camp (A Continuing Series)

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