Tuesday, May 22, 2007

BUCL Leader Henry Gómez to Vanquish the Real Academia Today

Please note it on your schedules: Henry Gómez will speak Spanish today over the airwaves and it is sure to be a memorable experience. No doubt he will give the Spanish language a drubbing from which it will not soon recover. Wish I could listen. But you can.

Babalú blog — well, actually, Henry Gómez himself — announces that Henry Gómez will appear tonight as himself on GENTV's Ultima Palabra (Miami, Channel 8) at 7:00 PM to discuss the Bloggers United for Cuban Freedom from Spain Campaign (109 years too late and one universal brain too few).

The only advice I have for Henry is what I have said to him before:

The greatest patriotic duty which a Cuban raised in this country or born here to Cuban parent(s) can perform is to learn Spanish.



Ok, guess what? Or do you have to? Henry got it wrong. The show was taped today but will air tomorrow. Wednesday, same time, same channel, and, presumably, same Henry.


The show did not air on Wednesday either. Henry promises to really, really find out when it will air. For my part, I think it is perhaps time to consider the possibility that it will never air for reasons that will be lost to history (to put it kindly).


Well, it's been one week now since Henry regaled us with the hope of hearing him speak for an hour in Spanish. We were quite sure that would finish off BUCL for good. But the powers-that-be are apparently not returning Henry's calls (perhaps they don't understand what he's saying, or perhaps they understand it all too well). Keep checking from time to time and we will continue to keep you apprised of any developments in Henry's "Campaign Against the Royal Spanish Academy of Language (yes, Henry, that's what the "Real Academia" is).

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