Friday, August 24, 2007

The Death of Fidel Castro Redux

Every rumor is a new blossoming of hope. Let us rejoice in Castro's death as long and as often as we can. It shall anticipate but not diminish that sublime hour when we shall inhabit an earth that is free of him. No, his death will not bring us closer to freedom but it it will remove the greatest obstacle to it and end the darkest chapter in our history. The legacy of the man will survive him for the moment; but that moment will be brief. Cuba must move forward. It is an inexorable law of Nature and Cuba is not the exception.

We shall say no more until Castro is really, really dead. If you read it here, it will be true.


The glorious day has been reached. After crawling there inch by inch, over a period of weeks, making slow but certain progress, it suddenly rode on an unprecedented wave of its own creation over the much-anticipated goal and then some: Babalú blog passed today the 2 million mark on its Sitemeter, which means that it has entertained that number of visitors since 2003. Today will surely be remembered in the annals of history for it. With 2 or 3 such epic events per week, supposing that Castro cooperates by not really dying, Babalú may hope to reach its next million landmark in 4 weeks rather than 4 years. Congratulations to the self-appointed dean of Cuban-American bloggers and much success in his future circulation drives.


ArrozConMango said...

My New Blog

bbl said...

Manuel, if you get a chance take a look a this blog it is from the UK on Cuban issues. I think that you may have a few choices things to say the bloggers there.

Vana said...

Let's hope the rumors are not in vain, and that soon we will hear something, I will not believe it, until I hear it from Killcastro, or from you.
Babalu went ahead and announced, Fidel Castro Dead, how can you post something when you are not certain?

VICTOR said...

Val,Val Val...When is he going to learn that hard liners hand pick the easy targets for passing rumors. I guess in trying to disrupt Obamas Saturday in Miami hard liners pass the rumors on to their biggest fish Valentin "blowfish" Prieto...Now you dont read any more post from him,as he is with his "FAT REINA" telling her to shut up and stop singing..Pobrecito.