Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Henry, Henry Aldrich!"

Is the old Henry back? The one that we actually liked and admired? The one that didn't BUCLe? Well, one can hope anyway. For the first time in a long time, Henry has again taken the cudgel against Oscar Corral, The Miami Herald's resident libeller of his fellow Cuban-Americans; not the only one, of course, and perhaps not even the most rabid at The Herald, but certainly the only one who doesn't have to espouse his own opinions but can hide under the cover of reportorial objectivity, a cover, incidentally, that is way too short to conceal his professional malfeasance. This unexpected swipe at Oscar reminds us of a time not too long ago when Henry was not charging at wind mills in Spain, but doing the real work of protecting Cuban interests here.


Henry has gotten into a physical altercation with a lesbian over his criticism of Oscar Corral and one of Babalú's commenters holds forth that the lesbian got the better of him. I attest to the truth of none of this, but urge you check out the mess at Babalú:


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Vana said...

LOL, looks like they want to give Henry a well deserved kick in the ass, and by a lesbian at that...lol