Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Judas Gets the Judas Kiss

If after the appointed time of his bondage is complete, a slave shall plainly say, "I love my master and shall not leave him," then his master shall bring him to the door, or unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an awl; and he shall serve him for ever. — Exodus, xxi, 2-6.

Now would seem to be the time to bury, and bury deep, the honors and decorations which the Castro regime has bestowed on its accomplices, apologists and worse. No man, even if dedicated to the degradation of his people, desires to extend it to himself by embracing an association which is already emblematic of treason and shall one day stand for the most depraved and sustained indifference to human life in the annals of history. No man, that is, except Max Lesnik, Castro's friend of 60 years and inveterate enemy of Castro's victims whether in Havana or Miami. The author of the slogan "Cuba sí, yankee no," unable to tolerate Communism himself except as a fawning admirer from afar, Lesnik is pleased to wish this curse on the Cuban people and has done everything in his power over 48 years to make that curse a permanent one. Imbued with the same hatred for his countrymen as Fidel and the desire to make them suffer, he has not found it difficult to confound his interests with the Cuban dictator's. I ask myself: Why does this man hate his fellow Cubans so much? The people who provided a refuge to him and his parents from the same evil, under another disguise, with which he is now himself complicit? But why question the roots of evil when it is enough that evil exists in the world?

Evil had a holiday in Havana last week when the unsinkable Max Lesnik was awarded a journalism prize by the same entity that had earlier that same week awarded its "Dignity Prize" to Fidel Castro. Lesnik was praised for "upholding the Cuban flag high in Miami [and] using his honor to fight terror and lies, the favorite weapons of the anti-Cuba mafia in southern Florida." Supposed attempts on Lesnik's life because of his pro-Castro activities were characterized as "occasions of counterrevolutionary terrorism," implying that Lesnik represents and embodies the Revolution. UPEC also praised Lesnik's "contribution to the struggle to obtain the release of the Cuban Five, serving long prison terms in the U.S., and his work towards putting an end to the U.S. blockade [sic] against Cuba."

UPEC, the official "union" of Cuban "journalists" — you know, the same people who are restricted to one hour of internet usage per day and have their internet logs examined daily by the DGI and are not allowed to write one word which is not approved by the political commisars — recognizing in Lesnik a kindred soul, although one allied to Castro by personal choice rather than from lack of choice, and from real opportunism rather than feigned conviction, elevated the "hero journalist" Lesnik to the first rank of the regime's most servile hacks. And this stupid man — for, above the treachery and arrogance, Lesnik is first and foremost a stupid man — actually accepted the award, which makes it impossible for him or his daughter ever to claim again that he is anything but a servile stooge of the regime (and that is putting it kindly, very kindly). It must have been a macabre joke at his expense, the Judas kiss of an enemy who wishes to destroy him for good; but Lesnik is too stupid or too vain or too enamoured to see this and accepts as an "honor" what was meant as an insult and bar sinister; for Max Lesnik is no less contemptible in their eyes than he is in ours, though for different reasons.

Lesnik is certainly deserving of Castro's "Pulitzer Prize." Not only for the reasons cited at the awards ceremony, but because it was Lesnik who either planted the Martí Moonlighters story in Oscar Corral's ear or who informed Havana of its imminent publication, so that Cuban TV's "Mesa Redonda" could scoop The Miami Herald on the story. This is the kind of "journalism" that Lesnik practices and the kind that is rewarded in Communist Cuba. All the "honorees" were in their eighties: not until then, I suppose, when they are tottering on the grave and passed all defiance or hope, does the regime see fit to festoon its servants with their putrid honors. Oscar Corral himself has a long wait.


joep said...

Another fantastic display of technical competency. I was going to attend an art opening today, but my aesthetic appreciation needs have been taken care of, courtesy of RoCABs.

Vana said...

Is this man the same that is being portrayed by his daughter in a documentary called The Two Havanas? I have seen it circulating on the net, thank you for reporting about it, I had no idea this man was a lover of the robolution, wonders never cease!

Agustin Farinas said...

A despicable character if there ever was one. Loving the revolution from afar from the safety of Miami, eating 3 square meals a day, and ejoying the freedoms his master denies all Cubans on the island. History will judge very harshly these Judases who under the guise of freedom of the press, undermine our freedoms by defending a regime that has ended all vestiges of freedom in Cuba. May he rot in Hell along with his master.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Yes, it is the same cretin.

Vana said...

I had no idea, I cannot believe he has the gull to live in Miami, he should be back in Cuba suffering with the rest