Thursday, August 30, 2007

Senator Larry Craig's Dalliances in Castro's Boy Brothel

Senator Larry Craig's sexual indiscretions would be of absolutely no interest to me if he inopportuned on adult men who were free to reject his sophomoric advances in whatever way they thought most appropriate. But Mr. Craig's history shows that he is also a predator with no regard for the age of his victims. This fact has been known and tolerated by both his colleagues and his constituents since he was implicated in the first Congressional page scandal in 1980. A lifelong bachelor who, until the age of 62, had at least the common decency of not ruining a woman's life by marrying her, Craig suddenly proposed to a staffer last year when Mike Rogers of BlogActive outed him on the Ed Schultz Radio Show in Oct. 2006. His now wife brought 3 children into the marriage which Craig adopted this year and claims as his own in his official biography, which gives no indication of their adoption. Given his past conduct these children may be to him what Michael Jackson's blonde blue-eyed made-to-order children are to him — not just a cover but perhaps something more sinister. In view of his history, we should all rejoice at Craig's arrest and public humiliation, literally, at his own hands. It is just what is required to put an end to more than 30 years of deceit, hypocrisy and worse, and it may discourage other politicians who adopt homophobia as a means to conceal their own hatred of who they are, because homophobia appears to be becoming, in right-wing Republican circles, the most reliable indication of homosexuality itself.

There is still one aspect of the Senator's "secret life" — which was no secret to anyone in the Washington establishment — that has not received any scrutiny thus far: Craig's junkets abroad to exotic places that pedophiles favor because of lax laws and the people's poverty. I will let the suddenly active corps of Idahoan reporters, who have sat on this story for 25 years, pursue these leads themselves and limit myself to the senator's dalliances in Cuba.

These were made possible by Craig's sudden interest in Cuban affairs and advocacy of the interests of Fidel Castro, which he developed against the interests of his own party, which won the 2000 elections thanks to the support of anti-Castro Cuban-Americans, its largest minority constituency. It's impossible for Republicans to carry the state of Florida without the votes of Cuban-Americans and impossible for the Republicans to win the presidency without Florida. I mention this just in case any reader from Idaho thinks that their first-in-the-nation primary counts for anything.

No, I don't just blame Craig for his courting of Fidel Castro. I also blame his constituents who were more interested in selling potatoes to Castro than Craig was in selling to them the idea that the Cuban people are also deserving of freedom. Politicians should lead their constituents, not follow them like dogs. Trading with a future democratic Cuba would be greatly in the interest of Idahoans, but trading with a bankrupt larcenous state is not. Not only is it morally wrong, but economically ill-advised. It means going to the back of the queue of creditors which Cuba has defrauded over last 48 years, including every country that it has ever traded with, as well as thousands of foreign companies and individuals. But Craig not only wanted Idahoans on that line, he was also in favor of repealing the only protection which they had against Castro defrauding them. Craig wanted the Cuban regime to be able to buy U.S. goods on credit; presently they are only allowed to do so by paying cash on the barrel. In the end, by enabling Castro to cheat them, Craig was doing a great disservice to his constituency of government-subsidized farmers-in-name-only corporate conglomerates. Although they are not worth shedding tears about, Craig's indifference to their real interests does call into question his real interests in this matter.

As a U.S. senator who does Castro's bidding, Larry Craig was received in Cuba with every distinction accorded to a visiting chief of state, including the obligatory 8-hour tete-a-tete with its Maximum Leader. Gifts were exchanged: Castro gave Craig a box of his special-reserve Cuban cigars and Craig gave Castro a case of Idaho wine. [The 639th (unintentional) attempt on his life?]

But Craig got more than the cigars. Craig also got the gold pass to Castro's boy brothel, maintained for the benefit of Raul and his circle, diplomats, foreign journalists, Castro's celebrity groupies, and, of course, visiting dignitaries like Craig who peddle their influence in exchange for satisfying their warped libidos in a pedophile-friendly state closer to home and not so well-known for catering to such "eclectic" tastes, as, say, Thailand. Besides having a wider selection in Cuba where all races are represented, the pedophiles are not only protected by the government but there are no agents from the Society for the Suppression of Slavery hounding their footsteps, as in Thailand; nor are they subject to deportation to their native countries for prosecution there, as provided in the latest international accords (to which Cuba, of course, is not a signatory).

What Craig didn't realize was that all hotel rooms in Cuba which are made available to VIPs are outfitted with concealed cameras, as is, of course, the house where the boys are kept. Unbeknownst to him Craig must have starred in dozens of X-rated movies, stored in the vaults of Cuba's Directorate General of Intelligence (DGI) and viewed regularly for laughs by his cordial hosts. Of course, they were not gathered just to have a laugh at his expense, but as insurance against his ever becoming less than grateful for the "hospitality" that he was shown in Cuba.

We know of the existence of this brothel thanks to the legendary Argentine soccer player and notorious closet case Diego Maradonna. He visits Cuba frequently to fight (or indulge) his monumental cocaine habit and has related his "intergenerational adventures" to fellow pederasts in Argentina, who in turn have spread the news of the "good times" to be had there. Of course, Castro's boy brothel is only for his "special guests." All other tourists with dollars must find their own quarry, although they, too, enjoy the indulgence and protection of the Cuban regime.

Maradonna sports a large tatoo on his arm of fellow Argentine "Che" Guevara, who was the 20th century's biggest persecutor of gays after Hitler. It is possible, of course, to expect anything from men like Craig and Maradonna but self-recognition. For Craig, however, reality has come knocking at last on his bathroom stall.


Vana said...

Hope you hurry and publish that post soon, before I have to leave for work, cannot wait to read it!

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Still working on it. A lot more information than I had supposed. Hint: Argentine soccer star Diego Maradonna (yes, another closet case) is at the heart of it.

Charlie Bravo said...

Maradona is known for frequenting the transvestite scene in Havana, in case y'all didn't know.

Daniel @ Garanhuns Blog said...


If you are going to cover Maldroga make sure to include the part about him asking Fidel to let him run Cuba's soccer program and how Castro would not say no his face because he really can't stand him but uses him to spread the gospel of Che and Fidel.

Alex said...

diego kissin another player

Vana said...

Oh my, I knew Maradona was a castro ass licker, but did not know he was gay, wonders never cease!

Daniel @ Garanhuns Blog said...


i did not click the photo, but I assume it is a photo of him and Claudio Caniggia, while both played for Boca Juniors. I don't know if it's the same photo, but after a goal, I think during a Boca-River derby they kissed on the lips. Claudio's wife was not happy at all, it was a story for a few days, maybe a week or so. The worst thing abut Maradonna, for soccer fans, is he had so much talent, easily one of the best ever, and he pissed it away.

Vana said...

Could not find the site you gave us, but found one of Maradona kissing Collin looked quite passionate

Vana said...

Thanks for the info, and you are right when you say he pissed it all away, drugs were his downfall, was it cocaine? also like the name Maldroga for him, fits him perfectly

Vana said..., here's the link....LMAO, damn gotta go to work, things always get good when I gotta go, see you all later

Cari said...

Here's a link of colin and diego!

Daniel @ Garanhuns Blog said...

Cocaine was Diego's drug of choice. You know He has Che and Fidel tattoos right? I think one os on his chest, the other on his arm. Here is a snippet from Wikipedia:

Caniggia is great friends with Argentine superstar Diego Maradona; the duo once celebrated a goal with a kiss on the lips. Claudio's wife, model Mariana Nannis, said: "At times I believe Diego is in love with my husband. It must be the long hair and big muscles."

Wikipedia is a horrible source, but I know this happened, I was watching the game and I remember the soap opera afterwards in "El Grafico", "El Clarin", and other Argentine media. They spent a good 15 minutes talking about the kiss when they were recapping the game.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

More on Maradonna:

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Ex-Soccer Star Maradona Tells Chavez He Hates U.S.

Sun Aug 19, 2007 4:21PM EDT

CARACAS (Reuters) - Former Argentine soccer star Diego Maradona on Sunday said he hates the United States "with all my strength" during an appearance on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's weekly television show.

The leftist soccer legend, like the fiercely anti-U.S. Chavez, is a close ally of Cuba's Fidel Castro.

"I believe in Chavez, I am Chavista ... . Everything Fidel does, everything Chavez does for me is the best (that can be done)," Maradona said, sitting with Chavez on the set of the president's Sunday talk show.

"I hate everything that comes from the United States. I hate it with all my strength," he added to thunderous applause and cheering from the hundreds of Chavez supporters gathered in an auditorium for the show.

Vana said...

Wow Manuel, I did not know there was a boy brothel in Havana, these news are quite alrming to me, poor children, it breaks my heart, so now I know Maradona is a closet gay, along with Graig, I'm glad he finally got his, sooner or later when doing untoward things you get caught, about time too, interesting article Manuel, Thanks for bringing it to our attention

Agustin Farinas said...

Daniel said:
"The worst thing abut Maradonna, for soccer fans, is he had so much talent, easily one of the best ever, and he pissed it away".
Daniel, the worst thing about Maradona is that he scored a goal in a game where goals are made with your feet and head and was rewarded for it. Remember "la mano de Dios?". Also being in Brazil, you may have read about the scandal a few years ago when the Brazilean team was "intoxicated" with tranquilizers that were put in their water while playing against the Argentine team. Not to speak of the destruction of the waiting room at the airport Maradona and his cohorts made in Brasil during a visit when they arrived late for a flight and threw a tantrum and were arrested there. Also his money laundering and tax evasion accusations in Argentina recently are notable. He gets away with murder in Argentina because they worship him here. But as far as being one of the best, I have to take issue with that. He played most of his career high on ephedrine by his own account (his own words on video tape, not mine) and this is cheating in my book. Pele by comparison was a gentleman in the playing field and off the field and a better player who never used drugs. Aside from the fact that he scored dozens of more goals than this idiot that cannot let a day pass without commiting some stupidity and shame himself. He is a disgrace to the game of football.

Agustin Farinas said...

I meant to say "socred a goal with his hand". Sorry for the typo.

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