Tuesday, August 14, 2007

RCAB News: What the Hell? "Knight-Ridder?"

Is there a "Knight-Ridder" anymore? Doesn't the McClatchy corporation own The Miami Herald and all the former Knight-Ridder papers that it hasn't unloaded yet? Well, nobody apparently has bothered to change the IP addresses of the newspaper's computers to McClatchy, because the Review of Cuban-American Blogs was visited at 4:54:35pm by someone from "Knight-Ridder," located in Miami, FL, who had done a google search for "granma, oscar corral." That person (and you know on whom suspicion falls first) stayed logged-in for 42 minutes an 23 seconds and viewed 15 pages, specifically all the posts on Oscar Corral.


Anonymous said...

poor me

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Vana said...

You think it was Oscar himself?
someone is sure quite interested, most of this googling is coming from Miami right?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


I think it highly probable. Someone who is now as interested as he is in "moderating" the contents of his phantom blog must also be monitoring what they say about him elsewhere, and no blog or newspaper, of course, has had more to say about him than the RCAB.