Saturday, June 30, 2007

The BUCL Belt: Henry's Imagination Strikes Again

A hat tip to Henry for making the best of a bad thing. When I pointed out that the acronym for Bloggers United for Cuban Liberty was pronounced BUCKLE (i.e. surrender) it really was almost more than Henry could take. I am sure that his sigh of despair was even heard in Bayonne, N.J. But there was nothing that he could do about it after the fact. Well. he could have changed the name of his organization, but that would have been interpreted as buckling to me and he knew full well that I would not fail to take note of it.

Still he hoped that nobody else would make that connection. He was wrong. One day a caller to The Babalú Radio Hour expressed his support for "BUCKLE" and it really sent Henry into a loop. But what could he do?

Well, he did the best thing that he could under the circumstances: Henry embraced "buckle" as a noun and not a verb and devised a supplementary logo for his organization which consists of a symbolic belt created by two words "Cuba" and "Diaspora" which are linked together by a buckle (or should we say BUCL?). The logo also has a motto: "The Buckle: Connecting Cubans." This is indeed making the best of a bad situation though it betrays what we had already long-suspected: that from day 1 the chief focus of BUCL was not its ill-conceived and-executed "Campaign Against Spain" but trying to live down its name.

The only thing they have to explain now is why Cubans need another correa? Do they want to beat us too?

Another interesting development is that the entire "Campaign Against Spain" has vanished from the BUCL website like a suppressed memory, delegated to an inconspicuous link at the bottom of the page. That's smart too. The less said the better. Perhaps it would even fade from memory if I were inclined to let it.


CorgiGuy said...


I feel poetic today,

I rather not be SHACKLED by the BUCLE
Yes would i surely would
I rather be an EAGLE than a BEAGLE
Yes would i always could

Vana said...

LMAO Corgiguy, I love your poem

Vana said...

Cubans united by a belt? but are't they what a joke, guess as you say the want to beat us into uniting under their belt, what of their campaign against Spain, where did that the trash, ah what small brains can do

Charlie Bravo said...

As they say in Texas, the bigger the buckle, the smaller the ranch!
(CB is an adopted Texan, for y'all to know!)

Anonymous said...

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