Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Che" Guevara's Progeny to Fly Argentine Way

No rafts for them, but the descendents of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, artifex with Fidel Castro of the destruction of Cuba, are scrambling out, rodent-like, from Fidel Castro's sinking ship of state. His daughter, Celia Guevara March, age 44, the most rabid Castroite of the tribe, has applied for and been granted Argentine citizenship on the basis of her father's nationality and will be relocating there with her family on Fidel Castro's death. It means nothing but it is curious nonetheless that this woman's matronym is "March" and her father's was "Lynch." Why she should have remained in Cuba for so long and is only now preparing to leave it on Castro's demise is one of those imponderables that can only be explained by the innate hypocrisy of Communism.

The man she calls a "surrogate father" murdered her own father as surely as if he had pulled the trigger: Castro exiled him to Bolivia, knowing that there was no possibility of inciting a revolution among that country's highly sensible Indians, who would and did flee from Guevara as from any conquistador; but to make 100% certain that he would fail, Castro instructed Bolivia's Communists to provide him with no material assistance or cooperation, not even with the asthma medicine that he needed to survive; and it may even have been a Castro agent who betrayed Guevara's location to the Bolivian military who were tracking him with the assistance of Cuban-exile CIA operatives (that's kind, it should be the other way around).

Even after he was dead, Castro did not canonize him without reservations and even concocted a posthumous letter wherein Guevara supposedly confesses that he had been wrong and Fidel always right in respect to the revolutionary process and berates himself for not having recognized Castro's supreme greatness before.

How Guevara's widow could have raised her children under the "protection" of the man who killed her husband and their father boggles the mind. How his children should have remained so tenaciously loyal to a man who had shown no loyalty to their wretched father is another imponderable, the kind of grotesquerie that one only encounters in a society as perverse and irrational as the one that Castro and Guevara foisted on Cuba.

Celia Guevara, a veterinary at the Havana Aquarium, has been endeavoring lately to trademark her father's likeness and name, as Martin Luther King Jr.'s children have done with their father's. No one can reprint or even recite their father's speeches in public without paying a royalty to the King estate or facing a lawsuit. No doubt Celia and her siblings have equally high hopes of exploiting their father's legacy. Already they have lost at least $50 million in royalties from T-shirt sales. As for the copyrights to their father's published works, Castro controls those and no doubt they will endeavor to recover title to Guevara's "intellectual property" once Castro is gone. So, in effect, "Che" Guevara's heirs will continue to profit for many years in the future from their father's murder of 14,000 Cubans, which his legend and celebrity is founded on.

After Mussolini's death, Italy passed a law that forbade his progeny from living in Italy. Eventually, after three decades, the law was eliminated and they were allowed to return. His daughter Alessandra Mussolini now leads a neo-fascist party in parliament. But fascism is now an irrelevancy in Italy. Not until fidelismo becomes one also in Cuba should the heirs of its founders be allowed to return to the country that their fathers' despoiled and from whose predations they have lived all their lives and will continue to live in the future.

Good riddance to the whole tribe of them! Let them take their name to market and see what it will get them in their father's homehand. We have had enough of them.


Vana said...

So she's running, hoping she can make more money in Argentina, I bet, now Agustin is going to have really good company, hope all the damn commies leave Cuba, soon

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


There's going to be a mass exodus. No doubt many of the capos will land sinecures at American universities where they will continue to perpetuate the myth of "Che" Guevara and the Cuban Revolution. In fact, I can actually see a bidding war among the universities for the really big names (that is, the biggest henchmen), all, of course, under the banner of academic freedom.

Agustin Farinas said...

Vana and Manuel,
I am sure they would be welcome here where the legend continues to be extolled and agradandize at every turn. She actually got her identity papers in 5 nths and this from her residence in Havana! Mind you, it only took my wife 2 years and 3 months to accomplish the same thing while living here and chasing after her papers almost every 6 months navigating the Argentine burocracy which is a nightmare beyond belief. But Celia did this in a mere 5 months and from outside Argentina no less!
I guess the name Guevara carries great weight here in the land of OZ.
There is even a museum in the house where he lived as a youth in the town of Altagracia about 100 km from where we are, that was visited by the tyrant and his funky "el mico" Chavez, as recent as July 2006 during the Mercosur meeting that month. Of course, hundreds turned out and waited for hours to get a glimpse of their "adored Fidel" as one of these idiots standing outside the house described him. Coincidently during that meeting "their adored Fidel" made one of his infamous speeches during which he said he could teach the Argentines how to save energy just like he had done in Cuba with the energy revolution. Well, it turned out that the very same day he said that, my wife called home to speak to her mother and he sister answered the phone at a very odd time for her to be home since she works. To our amazement she said:
"Oh, I am home because we have been without electrical power for over 18 hours, that is why I am home with Mom." The story illustrates how they save electricity in Cuba with the famous energy revolution. All one has to do is turn the power off and presto! one is saving electricity. When we told the story to our Argentine friends they were shocked in disbelief. But it actually happened just like I am writing it.

Vana said...

Indeed castro knows all about everything, he knows nothing! he has turned Cuba into a 4th world country, where misery and hunger rules, I'm sure your friends were shocked when you told them how castro saves electricity, just turn the power off, and save, save, save

Agustin Farinas said...

I can tell you stories that can raise the hair on your head, about the misinformation and the successful propaganda the regime uses on the unsuspected and misinformed people here. Here is one for the books.
We were once having dinner in a restaurant in the sierras and the couple at the next table heard us talking. Since we stick out like a sore thumb here because of our entonation and our way of speaking, once they knew we were Cubans they immediately struck a conversation with us. Naturally the subject of Cuba came up immediately in our chat. They solicited our opinion about the revolution and the dictator and my wife let out a good tirade about the living conditions and hardships on the island and the tribulations the average Cuban goes through to eat and survive on a daily basis. Well, these folks were more than surprised when we told them about all of this, since they actually believed that the average Cuban familiy was given what they called the "canasta familiar" for free!! Yes, just like you are reading it. For free! When we clarify that not only the "canasta familiar" was not free but that what you actually could buy with the ration book was very frugal and not enough to even survive for a month, they were amazed. Luckily, my wife always carries with her her old ration book and we were able to prove our point beyond any reasonable doubt. But we aked ourselves after we left them: how many of these people are here who believe just like these folks we were talking to? I am sure is in the hundreds of thousands. They swallow hook, line and sinker the regime's propaganda without questioning anything. The Argentine press is at fault for that too, since they continuosly "spread the word" about the hardships that are being caused by the "criminal blockade" the poor and brave Cuban people have to endure from the US. As an example of this double standard, one can never read in the press here any mention of Castro as a dictator, he is always the President of Cuba, while any mention of Pinochet or Stroessner is always preceded by the word dictator. This after no change in the leadership in Cuba 48 years and of course no free elections of any kind or the existence of any opposition party. Need I say more?
Is an uphill battle we face everyday, trying to bring a ray of truth into the darkness and ignorance about the true conditions in Cuba that is rampant everywhere here.