Friday, August 10, 2007

A Message to Prieto

Ah, poor Val is feeling neglected. It seems I have been paying too much attention to Oscar and too little to him. Well, get yourself into a mess like Oscar and attention will be paid, Val. I'm afraid there is only so much I can do with dead chickens and coconuts; you've got to get me better material. Even your late attempt at exhibitionism by threatening to shave your legs and get a bikini wax live on Babalu, did not stir much attention this time, being the fifth or sixth time that you have threatened public decency by such a display.

But I suppose I must take pity on you, as you are the godfather of this blog. Alright. I'm going to write a nice little post that links you and your new friend Oscar Corral. That's the best I can do at this time, little grasshopper. Will that make you happy? I thought so. Now fall asleep in a stupor while you await its imminent publication.


It always gives me great pleasure when you attack me in your sophomoric way without using my name, causing general puzzlement on your blog. It is good to know that even my name frightens you and that you live in its shadow.


Vana said...

Lmao Manuel, you crack me up, he can't stand it when you don't pay him any attention

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Val can't stand me writing about him and he can't stand me not writing about me. When I please his ego, I disappoint his self-love and when I leave his self-love alone I disappoint his ego.