Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"In Miami's Fair City/Where the Girls Are So Pretty..."

...Oscar Corral got busted for soliciting a whore.

At 8:46:13AM the Review of Cuban-American Blogs was visited by The Times Publishing Company, which had googled the search words "Oscar Corral Miami Herald" and been directed to the post Oscar Corral the Man Without Principles. At 8:55:22AM, the RCAB was visited by the Miami-Police.org, which had googled "Oscar Corral" and also been directed to our post Oscar Corral the Man Without Principles.

We knew that Oscar Corral was in trouble. We had supposed another kind of trouble: the kind of trouble that one would expect a voicebox for the Castro regime in the employ of The Miami Herald to get into.

In the past, we had referred to Oscar many times as a sad and pathetic milquetoast. But nothing can be sadder or more pathetic than a man (and a young man at that) who has to buy pussy in Miami.


Vana said...

No say it aint so ..lol..they busted him soliciting a prostitute? it's sad indeed when a man has to pay for a woman, it must be very hard for him to get one without paying, some men you know make a habit of it, of soliciting that is, he may be a sicko, ah the things we hide, seems sooner or later they come to light.



fyi - bob (The Daily Pulp) is still censoring - i've been trying for about an hour to respond to the assenine question of "prove the murders at the hands of the bros. Castro. He ain't budging - not allowing the response with the backup information to go up. Thus, am posting my response on CubaWatch. Censorship is alive and well over there.


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Yes, I know, I am being sarcastic with Bob. As I said on his blog The Daily Pulp, moderation is preemptive censorship and no one who claims to be a champion of the Bill of Rights can adopt it without hypocrisy.

I also had posted a question for you, which I hope you will answer here:


So you know that Posada is guilty? On what authority do you base this astonishing conclusion? Fidel Castro? Hugo Chávez? Your own, I suppose, since that is the only authority you cite. Excuse me if that is not enough for me.

Both military and civil courts in Venezuela acquitted Posada of any complicity in the airplane bombing. Unable to do anything else but impugn him on that charge, the U.S. indicted its longtime operative of lying to immigration authorities to obtain entry into this country and the judge threw out the case on account of massive government
fraud (that's the word the judge used).

It's excusable in Bob, I suppose, whose knowledge of Cuba and Cubans is at best superficial, but what is your excuse for spreading such libels against a man who dedicated his entire life to fighting for Cuba's freedom, a veteran of the Bay of Pigs and Vietnam, and of a 100 clandestine wars fought against Communism and America's enemies?

I hope that when you reach Posada's age (80) you can say that you did even half as much as he to advance the cause of freedom and humanity.

Fantomas said...

Manuel I see a decline in your comments section . Also a shorter pool of commenters. Ten cuidado no te esten pagando con la misma moneda a los que tu criticas.

Rick said...

Hopefully, if Oscar is found innocent, he'll come back and sue your ass for slander for that last sentence, Manny.




Gotcha, I didn't realize that sarcasm was implied.

I would be happy to answer your question re: Posada.

Let me start off with my ultimate point.

A) If Posada had nothing to do with the airline bombing, I support him 100 percent. Any action against government/political targets is justifiable. Case closed.

B) If Posada was in fact behind the airline bombing - he has status his place as a freedom fighter. I fail to see what use murdering innocent Cuban sports figures serves and find it deplorable.

Now, that out of the way, I suspect Posada had involvement after having looked at the evidence. Two men, Freddy Lugo and Hernán Ricardo Lozano - both of whom were employed by Posada's detective agency - were implicated and later confessed to the crime. The CIA was worried about Posada's involvement in an upcoming airline bombing in the days running up to the incident. I simply cannot see these things as mere coincidence.

I'd really like to believe he's innocent. The man did a lot for the cause but, if he was involved in that bombing, I have no sympathy for him.

Hope that answers your question.


Manuel A.Tellechea said...


So what you are saying in effect is that you would condem Posada if he's guilty of the bombing and not condemn him if he is not. Which is the same as saying that you really don't know. That being the case you should withhold judgment so that you won't sound like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chávez.

As for myself, I am convinced of his innocence and I invite you to peruse the posts that I have dedicated here to establishing it. Just type "Posada" in the Search Box.

The bombing was the work of a Cuban double-agent named Navarrete who had no association to Posada and confessed to the crime in an American courtroom shortly before his death. Our friend Humberto Fontova dedicated an article to showing how an independent British investigation of the explosion had all but determined that it was the work of Cuban intelligence.

I hope that you will not ask why Castro would blow up his own plane. To do so would be to judge Communists by our standards and that will always be a grave mistake.