Friday, August 31, 2007

Vote in the Name of God!

Polling for "The Prince of Darkness or The King of Fools" shall end when at least 50 votes have been cast. We are already half way there. Then I shall reveal what I think about each of the players in this farce which I have dubbed the "War of the T-shirts." What I think about them, of course, is not much; and I confess I have been unable to decide for myself which is the least odious. That is why I need you to tell me which I find less disgusting, for only then will I know how to proceed in this matter. Split the hairs for me; look beneath the surface. Undoubtedly I have paid more attention to Babalú than to Stuck on the Palmetto. But does this indicate that I find Babalú more disgusting, or just the opposite? Can it be that I despise SotP even more and show my contempt for it by refusing to acknowledge its existence in more than a cursory manner?

I have never faced such a crux!

How can the enemy of my enemy be my friend if my enemies are enemies?


Help me!




Could this be a conspiracy on the part of Babalú and Stuck on the Palmetto to drive me insane? If so, it appears to be working.


Vana said...

I wondered where the poll was leading, I voted for SOTP, because you don't mention them as much as Babalunia, even though they are both worthy of your contempt, and may I add ours

Vana said...

Please Manuel we need you sane and with your wits about you

Fantomas said...

por favor que alguien meta a este profesor desquiziado en la jaula madhouse y tire las llaves al rio para que no pueda salir mas

PS y con la camisa de fuerza puesta

As you can see Manolo I stop by here whenever I please

nothing you can do about it

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Did you vote?

Will you explain to our readers your rationale for voting the way you did?

Your opinion could be crucial. It might guide others to vote the opposite way.

Fantomas said...

I saw the poll..did not call my attention

thanks anyways , maestro

Vana said...

Manuel 40 votes! are you really going to wait till you get 50 to tell us the news?

Vana said...

49 votes, tell us already!

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