Monday, February 4, 2008

The Truth About "Shoot Down:" It's About Payback, Not Truth

Shoot Down is a hit on José Basulto, founder of Brothers to the Rescue. It is not meant to be a slam of Castro, and if it is critical of him, it is only so incidentally and only to mask its real agenda. The documentary was financed by Maggie Khuly, mother of director Christina Khuly Eger, with the millions she was awarded from the frozen assets of the Cuban people when her brother Armando Alejandre, Jr. (and three others) was murdered over international waters at Raúl Castro's orders while flying a humanitarian mission for BTTR. Maggie Khuly blames Basulto for her brother's death much as Cindy Sheehan blames Bush for her son's death and Shoot Down is Maggie's desquite. If it also launches her daughter's career as a documentary filmmaker then that's a bonus.


Cuban Angst said...

I haven't seen the doc yet but is it possible that he was at fault? Did his hubris put these other young men in harm's way?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...

Cuban Angst:

Is George Bush responsible for the death of Cindy Sheehan's son in Iraq?

They were all volunteers. And, unlike Sheehan's son, the four murdered Cubans would not have been accused of desertion had they declined to fly that day. But they didn't, and Basulto, as usual, was in the vanguard.

Cristina said...


Thanks for your interest in my film. I am the director, Cristina Khuly. I wanted to address some of your concerns.

On the financing question my mother is not next of kin and did not receive any money from her brother's death. My husband and I have worked for three years on the film and have only been helped with 20% of the financing from outside sources a portion of which came from the families, the rest came out of our pockets.

If you really care about letting the world know the realities about the Castro regime you might start by helping Shoot Down make it in a mainstream marketplace so people can see what is really going on in Cuba.

As it relates to culpability and Jose Basulto I will quote my mother, Maggie Alejandre Khuly: "the responsibility for this shoot down rests squarely on the shoulders of the Castro Government."

I hope you will see the film as it is only in three theaters in South Florida now until the 14th of Feb. Thanks in advance for your support!

Cristina Khuly

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