Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Notable & Resigned: Henry Ends 33-Year Career As a Political Animal

The political animal since the age of 5 has taken a vow of political celibacy till 2012. He is willing, at last, to allow Babalú to resume being an anti-Castro blog rather than the anti-McCain blog he has made it lately. His personal animus towards McCain, which was at no time tempered by respect for or even recognition of his unwavering commitment to a free Cuba over his entire political career, and which, in the end, went so far afield as to turn the race into a beauty pageant, when no other comparison to the remaining candidates gave any of them the advantage over McCain, shows that Henry does not understand that enthroning the Clintons with Obama as their heir apparent is not an option preferable to supporting John McCain.

Exactly what does he think this country will look like in 2012 if the Clinton(X2)/Obama ticket is elected? Where does he expect the Castros to be in 2012? Still in power, certainly, and with the U.S. underwriting the regime. Is this acceptable to him? Not only is this scenario acceptable but he is actually hoping that both the U.S. and Cuba will be as messed-up as possible in 2012 so as to insure that golden boy Newt Gingrich or a Newt-clone can recapture the White House in a cakewalk and restore ideological purity to the Republican Party. In other words, throw the baby out with the bath water and hope that he finds his way to you in four years.

The Republican Party has lost its way — Henry is right there — and become a party without core principles (except nativism) but this has nothing to do with John McCain and everything to do with fomenting divisions in American society rather than uniting Americans. The selection of John McCain as its candidate in 2008 is a timely and necessary corrective, which will, hopefully, distance the GOP from the slash and burn politics of all who want all or nothing and would prefer the party to go down to defeat rather than be proven wrong as wrong they undoubtedly are.


Vana said...

Political animal at 5, why does that phrase always give me a good laugh, because I don't believe him, nobody is interested in politics at the age of 5, now Henry will have to eat crow and vote for MCCain.

Yes indeed what will this country be like in 2012 if the Clintons or Obama get to White House, I shudder to think.

nonee moose said...

By golly, MAT, I can see your 2008 presidential election maturation coalesce before my very eyes.

And me, without my camera.

You will like someone, when you're ready.