Monday, February 4, 2008

Notable & Desperate: Henry Loves the "Huckster"

"If I'm Mitt Romney, I'm burning up the phone to Mike Huckabee right now. Though I prefer Thompson on his ticket, Huckabee is looking to win a couple of Southern states that could fall to Romney if they announce their ticket tomorrow. Huckabee, being a Baptist might allay some of the fears about Romney being a "Cultist". It's a hail mary pass, but as we saw tonight sometimes prayers are answered.Henry "Conductor" Gómez, "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!" (comment), Babalú, February 3, 2008

Now Henry wants Romney to want the "Huckster" after dumping on Mike Huckabee almost as much as on McCain. Unwilling that the "Anti-Christ" get the Republican nomination, Henry has unceremoniously dumped Fred-Also-Ran and is urging Romney to recruit Huckabee as his running mate and announce the ticket on the eve of Super Tuesday. Henry is now promoting an alliance between the two biggest xenophobes in the Republican Party (except for Tom Tancredo, who has endorsed Romney) in order to stop the only non-xenophobe from becoming the GOP standard bearer in November. Very strange conduct from one who claims not to be a xenophobe himself.


nonee moose said...

Come and join the fun on the way to Heaven,

Come and talk to God on the party line,

If you can't be bothered, we don't need you,

We're going to live for a very long time.

CubanAngst said...

You just can't comment over there at Babaluna unless you agree with Henry or George. This is what the future Cuba is going to be about? Forget it.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


The future of Cuba will have little to do with Val, Henry or George's tergiversations.

Vana said...

Henry has shown to be a xenophobe after all.

Cubaangst, if you don't agree with the so called writers at Babalunia you are out on your ass, they have no problem with deleting comments, or kicking you out.