Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Babaloo's Waterloos: FLASH! Henry Discovers that Obama's Campaign Is Run By Commies

Henry Gómez has just broken the news that before their recent deletion there were 15 pages extolling "Che" Guevara on Obama's official website. What did Henry expect to find there? More nice pictures of Obama to add to his album? It was not just the Obama precinct captain that put up the Cuban flag with Guevara's superimposed image who has experienced a metamorphosis about the real "Che" Guevara. Henry, too, has seen at long last the truth about Obama. Will it convince him now to stop his campaign in Obama's favor at Babalú, or will the political animal since the age of 5 continue to extoll Obama's "virtues" and "invincibility" while blasting McCain as an inadequate substitute for Reagan? Reagan is dead. He didn't do much for the Cuban people. Let's hope that McCain does better.

Fred Thompson Eats His Bistec Empanizado (and Reagan His Frijoles Negros)


nonee moose said...

Right about now, the "Holding My Nose for McCain" post is being written...

It's a long and winding road, MAT. Remember?

Vana said...

The political the age of five was fooled by a commie, some political animal uh?
hope this finally shuts him up, he must be crying into his cereal about now.

Cuban Angst said...

I don't think he'll admit to having a tantrum about McCain yet. He will wait to endorse McCain as he still has many months ahead and he can use a new "reason" for his change of heart. My gut feeling tells me he knows in his heart already he's full of shit.

To be a qualified political animal one cannot afford to be emotional. He needs to watch more Star Trek episodes and try to emulate Spock, not Capt. Kirk.

Cuban Angst said...

From Babalu:

"I totally don't get Cuban "Americans" like this Maria Isabel scumbag. Maybe it's because I've lived up north most of my life, away from the Cuban community in Miami. But, I mean, the reason my family left Cuba was because we were AGAINST Castro and Che. I suppose she could be a Castro agent, but if so, you'd think she would try to hide her communist leanings. Can anybody explain this mindset to me? What makes people like her tick?"

Posted by el chino at February 13, 2008 05:38 AM

"Maybe Fred Thompson was on to something...."

Posted by Val Prieto at February 13, 2008 07:12 AM

Interesting comment by Val. Is this with regard to Fred's comments about Cuban terrorists coming over illegally re: wet foot/ dry foot?

Vana said...

Cuban Angst

Of course he will wait to endorse McCain, he has no choice now, he's hoping that Babalunia readers will forget his tantrums, (even though we won't) given by the way most of them agree with the rantings of Val Henry and George, they will turn a blind eye to Henry's bashing of McCain, let's wait and see what happens next.

Anonymous said...

Feel free to tell your "paisana" how you feel about Che and Obama.