Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hillary Ist Nicht Hitler

Is anything beyond the 3 Babalooney Stooges? Can they plumb even deeper in the regions of bad taste and convoluted logic which they have staked as their own? The answer is yes. George Moneo, the usually inconspicuous "Shep" of the trio, has just posted a picture of Hillary with outstretched hand against a black and red background with the caption "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer!" which he borrowed from Drudge. I wish they would save that comparison for those who have earned it, the Castros, Mugabes and Kim-Il Jungs of this world. To compare Hillary to Hitler is to trivialize evil. She deserves to be compared not to Hitler but Boss Tweed, though even that may be a less than perfect pairing since Tweed scaled the rungs of Tammany one by one and Hillary rode on Bill's coattails and is now returning the favor. There is only one person that Hillary may have had a hand in dispatching to the other world (Vince Foster). With stats like that she's not even in Charles Manson's league.


Charlie Bravo said...

Fidel Castro ist Hitler.

Charlie Bravo said...

Fidel Castro ist Hitler und Stalin!

Charlie Bravo said...

Hillary -whom I have called Hitlery before- is just a plain socialist, which more in common to the British Socialists of the sixties who taxed the Brits blind that with the Commies. She might be a commie sympathizer, but as you said, she's lacking the blood drenched hand which is a non-negotiable component of the Commie leaders. They've gotta have it.
She's a monster, she will rule ruthlessly on her cohorts more than ruthlessly on the American public, because she could tax us silly, but she will drive her moneyed supporters against the wall using extortion and vendettas.
She's a mafiosa, one can say, but she lacks the intellect of a killer dictator, like fidel castro, Joe "the Butcher" Stalin, or Adolf Hitler. She even lacks the drive of che guevara, and his monster traits.
She will do damage to the USA and the American public in the economic freedom fields, and the personal liberties field, but she would only last four years or eight years maximum. She would not have the powers to entrench herself in office as a fidel castro, ever.
And that's the huge difference between lousy presidents and dictators. The angular stone of democracy cannot be pulverized by an individual under a system such as the United States', the founding fathers were clever enough to device it this way -in the constitution- so some of them (there were plenty of people who wanted a King of America) could not kidnap power or redefine power to satisfy their thirst of power.
Washington was intelligent enough -and a visionary- to reject his appointment as King of America.
The different between a salon socialist -Hillary, or HillBilly- and a dictator is such, that the salon socialist would love to install him-herself in power to demonstrate a point and society eventually would drive it out of office when his - her term is up. When a dictator installs himself in power -always in societies that love strong men, caudillos, etc- it's until death "doth you apart".

Anonymous said...


what does "shep" mean?

nonee moose said...

Shep buttered his toast with grease from his hair. Yuk.

He was filler.

Agustin Farinas said...

I think Manuel meant to write the name of Shemp, if I am not mistaken, he was one of the three stooges, the one that parted his hair down the middle on his head.

Carlos Miller said...

I didn't like Shemp because if he was in, it mean Curly wasn't in, and I loved Curly.

Anonymous said...

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