Monday, February 11, 2008

"ConeheadCon" Strikes Again

I cannot even say that we are witnessing the unravelling of a fine mind, for his anti-McCain campaign of the last few weeks at Babalú has revealed his mind to be turgid, derivative and fanatical, and I now feel as much contempt for it as Henry himself once did for the mental processes of Ron Paul's followers. In reaction to his recent posts I am tempted to write, almost every time, that he has reached a new low, because he does continually. When a man checks his sense of shame at the door, there is nothing so despicable that he won't consider. Because I know that he will, somehow, top himself, I have refrained from labelling his latest post his worst or most offensive.

In this his latest disgrace Henry features photos of three of the failed Republican candidates and McCain, who has it in his power should he so choose to rescue any of them from irrelevancy by picking one as his running mate. Borrowing a trick from his old friend Rick (formerly of SotP) he has chosen the least flattering picture he could find of the war hero but used the official campaign portraits of the draft dodgers (for that's another way to distinguish between McCain and the rest of the field). He has labelled Huckabee "So(uth)Con," Thompson "Fis(cal)Con," "Guiliani "Def(ense)Con" and McCain "NonCon." How witty is our Henry! Just what we might expect from a political animal since the age of 5. In fact, I think a 5-year old might have done as well. I suppose that Henry thinks he's being cute or making some kind of point. I just hope that it means he has used-up all the borrowed arguments in his carpetbag and is reduced now to simplistic sloganeering (the kind of thing he does for a living).

What would Henry call Obama and Hillary? Nothing nasty, of course, since they are now allies in the war against McCain. How about "LipstickLib" and "ButchLib?"

As for Henry, we would suggest "ConeheadCon."


Cuban Angst said...

Don't worry MaT, the men in white suits are on their way for him soon. I think the problem stems from the hotdog and bacon sandwiches that George has been feeding him.

Vana said...

I think conehead is a very good moniker for Henry, you think he's turning Democrat?

Cuban Angst said...

Shameless propaganda. That picture of McCain is obviously to ridicule him. Fred Thompson's picture must have been taken when he was actually alive, about 20 years ago. Between the pork stories and the McCain obsession Henry and George are turning Babalu into a joke. Now that there are several new serious writers on the subject of Cuba (what a concept) this is even more evident.

Anonymous said...

Henry does look a lot like Beldar.