Saturday, February 16, 2008

Barack Obama: Jesus Also Had Woolly Hair

"We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. This time can be different because this campaign for the presidency of the United States of America is different. It's different not because of me. It's different because of you."Barack Obama, "Change We Can Believe In," February 8, 2008

It has been noted that Barack Obama never uses "I" in his speeches but prefers "we" except when he employs "I" to denote the superiority of "we." Likewise, he also uses the inclusive "we" when he means "you." All this sleight of pronouns could be avoided if he simply used "comrades," but, of course, that would be far too obvious.

If we recast these lines from his latest stump speech, substituting the imperial "we's" for "I's" and the inclusive "we's" for "you's," this is what we get:

"I am the one you've been waiting for. I am the change that you seek."

Yes, the Second Coming.

As for the rest:

"This time can be different because this campaign for the presidency of the United States of America is different. It's different not because of me. It's different because of you."

This line was borrowed from the musical Evita. But, of course, it's as old as the oldest despot. Hitler used it often. So has Fidel. It's an invitation for everybody to dip his hands in the blood. Not just an injunction that "we're all in this together" but a warning that whatever happens no one will be able to escape responsibility for his part in bringing it about. "Serve me now and you will serve me always." Because it's definitely not about "we" or "you" but unquestionably about him. The difference is Barack Obama. He is both the change and the conduit to change. The people are instrumental in effecting that change but incidental once the change is accomplished. Like all Marxist revolutions that are enthroned through democratic means Obama's will represent his personal interests and those of his closest collaborators (which include Fidel, Chávez and Ortega). The people, except as resources for exploitation or beasts of burden, will be immaterial in his plan of government.


Anonymous said...

"Beware of the wolves in sheep's clothing."

Charlie Bravo said...

Castro uses the "yo majestatico" and the inclusive first person of the singular interchangeably with "I". He also have used similar lines, after all, he's the heir of both Hitler and Mussolini, via Stalin. We are looking at a pattern here. A very well defined pattern.

Fantomas said...

Manuel is Obama the Messiah? El Mesias

the chosen one?

is he?

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


His supporters believe so and much has been written about his none-too-subtle appeal to messianism to convey his message of national and personal redemption through Obama.

You don't need Obama to redeem you, or do you, fantomas?

Besides, the "redemption" you seek is probably not the one he has in mind.

Fantomas said...

Eso esta por verse, creo que Obama pudiese ser fuerte con la dictadura. Creo que el incidente de la bandera en tejas le ha dado un wake up call... it is good that we exposed him..Ahora que trate de ayudar a liberar a todos los presos , que enforze el embargo y que ayude a la disidencia

Fantomas said...

He is the oracle

Vana said...

That is a scary analisis Manuel, the second coming, as Jesus said, they will come in my name but don't follow, notice how he says we've instead of you, heaven help us all if he's elected.

Anonymous said...

amen brother, amen

Anonymous said...

This is paranoid silly analysis. . Ya'll will be and sound as crazier than the pinko bush-haters.

I am not obama supporter, but he is a valient man. He is well edcuated , articulate and shares a vision.. people are responding - b/c 60 percent of this country is not doing well,.. this is democracy, live with it.

Manuel A.Tellechea said...


Obama is a "valiant man?" How?

And if Obama is a "valiant man," what does that make McCain?

Only if God turns His face away from this country, as He did in 1861, will you know what an Obama presidency will signify for your fellow Americans and the world.

Of course, you'll probably be one of those carrying the torches so I'm sure you'll make out alright.

Charlie Bravo said...

Well, I just posted on KillCastro about Obama being considered by some a messiah. A fake messiah, that is, as much a fidel castro was a fake messiah with that trick of the white dove.